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Watch 4k videos; 360 degree VR video and more, with no ads. There’s an entire world of desktop video players out there, each offering... GOM Player Plus Software Review

Watch 4k videos; 360 degree VR video and more, with no ads.

There’s an entire world of desktop video players out there, each offering a few standard features and a few specific bonuses unique to that title. The worldwide library of software titles available means individual users can find the right tool for their needs, regardless of the function and the user’s skill set.

One free video player is perfectly suited for a specific type of video file, and that’s GOM Player from GOMLab. Both the premium Player Plus edition and the original free player are ideal for VR files and 360-degree viewing and sharing, both of which are becoming a lot more widespread forms of media as better camera tech and video editing software become available. It’s not just upper-level YouTubers who are taking advantage of these forms of video, either; retailers are even posting online ads that contain these video formats as a way to demo their products, engage new customers, and more, and manufacturers are producing better, more cost-effective cameras for these video options.

GOM Player Plus Software Review

Watch 4k videos in the highest resolution with no interruptions.

Codec support

Along with compatibility for the full spectrum of typical video file formats, GOM Player and Player Plus also support a wide range of file types for both VR and 360 footage, and Player Plus contains a codec for locating any unsupported file types. Plus it’s also specifically made for 64-bit computers, too, so you can get the highest possible resolution and the best overall viewing experience from it.


Both titles support subtitles, too, and contain auto-inject databases of subtitles to choose from. Once you’ve played the video, inserting subtitles is as simple as clicking on the suggested options and pressing Apply. You can even link Player Plus with for an even broader database of possible options.

GOM Player Plus is built specifically for 64-bit PCs

The GOM Player Plus control panels make it easy to use.

GOM Remote

Best of all, these players sync with your phone through GOM Remote, so you can take advantage of start, stop, pause, change the volume or screen brightness, and other functions right from your smartphone while your video plays on a larger screen. It basically turns your phone into a handy remote control for viewing content.

GOM Remote is a great additional feature.

GOM Remote is a great additional feature.


As powerful as the free version is, GOM Player Plus’ premium options give you an ad-free experience and the resulting speed that comes from not having it bogged down with extra content. It also includes an upgraded user interface, although the UI for the standard player is pretty straightforward and attractive. Both versions’ interfaces include handy shortcuts that take you directly to the features you use the most, and can offer you an optimal viewing experience.

Try out GOM Player Plus (or regular GOM Player) for yourself now, here on FileHippo.