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The Norton Security lineup of antivirus programs offers some of the best malware protection around.  And that’s the good news. Norton Security malware protection is... Norton Security Review: Excellent Protection From Malware At A Great Price 

The Norton Security lineup of antivirus programs offers some of the best malware protection around. 

And that’s the good news. Norton Security malware protection is still as excellent as it’s ever been and there’s a bunch of discounts through July and August this year (up to 70% off in some cases) so there’s never been a better time to buy and upgrade your PCs protection. 

There are some great deals on Norton Security this Summer. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see how much money you could save.

Which Norton Security is right for me? 

Norton Security has four levels of paid malware, ranging from the basic version all the way up to the Premium version. But don’t just opt for the most expensive one thinking that will be the best. Take a few minutes to decide which version of Norton is the right one for you. 

All versions include Norton’s excellent anti-virus scanner, anti-spam, anti-phishing, web browser protection, access to a rescue disk, a system optimizer and one of the best password managers around, as standard.  

Obviously the more you pay, the more extra features you receive, like backup software, parental controls, online storage etc.; and while these optional extras are great, apart from the two-way firewall;- you don’t really ‘need’ any of them if all you want is some malware protection for your computers. Put simply, all versions of Norton Security offer exactly the same level of protection from malware, but the more expensive ones have more bells and whistles.  

Ease of use  

Norton’s interface continues to be intuitive, functional, and easy to use.  It’s easy to see when something’s not right thanks to the bright red colors and also when all is well thanks to the calming green check marks.  

How Norton works 

Norton uses overlapping defensive layers, utilizing traditional style signature matching that compares new software to a database of known malware characteristics via cloud detection. This is complemented by the age old heuristic analysis, which spots unknown malware before damage is done. 

All four Norton Windows antivirus products regardless of which one your buy, use the same detection engine to scan for and eradicate malware.   

Regardless of which Norton antivirus product you get, you’ll have protection against spyware, phishing emails and ransomware.  

Norton also comes with browser extensions for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox adding another layer of protection to your safety online. One downside to all of this is that I think the parental controls to help keep kids safe online should be included in the basic Norton Security, and not start in the version above. It’s the only complaint I have, and in the large scheme of things, it’s a small one.   

All power to the engines! 

Norton was once greatly criticized for the performance hit it used to exact on machines when scanning, but as the last few years have shown, it’s no longer an issue and Norton works very well in the background and when actively scanning. 


Norton Security offers excellent protection from malware, with at most a moderate impact on system performance. If you’re looking purely to shield your system from attack, you couldn’t do better.   

There also hasn’t been a better time to buy in a long time. Depending on where you are in the world, and the currency you use, discounts are available on all 4 versions of Norton Security.  

See how cheap you can get your hands on Norton today!