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Whether you are building a log cabin, brick house, entire residential development or at an industrial level, there’s software that can help. If you... Project Management Software For Construction

Whether you are building a log cabin, brick house, entire residential development or at an industrial level, there’s software that can help.

If you already work in construction then you know that in ever more turbulent times the very essence of the industry is changing. Labor costs can rise and fall, materials cost money, and the nature of building means there are constant changes and advancements in techniques.

Put simply, contractors have to deal with more data than they ever had to before, and its impossible to expect any one person to be able to manage that data in their head or on sheets of paper anymore.

Using dedicated project management software has been proven time and time again to improve leadership, cut costs, increase effectiveness, and raise profits.

Whether you are building a new house or a new hotel, using project management software could cut costs, increase efficiency, and save money.

How to choose the right construction project management software for you

Your software needs are as unique as your construction project, so it can be hard to find one that works for you. Here are a few points to consider when making your choice.

  • Choose a platform that is straightforward and intuitive to use.
  • Consider scale. Are you building a house, an estate, or a chain of supermarkets?
  • The most expensive solution isn’t necessarily the best one.
  • Can you integrate your current projects into the new system as well as future ones?

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best project management software for construction available on FileHippo. 



CoConstruct – Fully comprehensive project management software for custom building

CoConstruct is a great choice for custom homebuilders and those looking to re-model domestic dwellings. It’s a popular choice, and is fully comprehensive. It has everything you could need at this level, and has a brilliant set of features. It includes simple but effective tracking of ‘to-do’ jobs, progress markers, job site activities, simple and intuitive time sheet management and even a one-stop filing system to keep photographs, copies of invoices, and project plans all in one place.

It also comes with some rather excellent finance tools so you know where you are with your budget and can forecast costs, and can even help streamline processes. For professionals, there’s even accounting integration and proposal features.

It includes a 90-day money-back guarantee and there are no fixed contracts so you can simply use it for as long as you need. It’s a strong choice, and well worth checking out.

Download CoConstruct


buildertrend construction management

Buildertrend – Everything you need for residential construction in one app

Buidertrend is another strong all in one platform designed for residential construction. Based mostly in the Cloud, you can access all your information and construction projects through a variety of devices, and it doesn’t matter if your laptop gets buried in the foundations.

Again, like Co-Construct it includes tools for pre-sales, project, financial and customer management all in one place. Orders, processes and on-site activity can be changed on the fly. For professionals, Buildertrend’s sales presentations templates are impressive.

It comes with unlimited support and training, and the cloud-based console is not to be under-valued.


Procore construction app

Procore – Connect your construction team, applications, and devices in one centralized hub

Procore is really moving us toward the truly professional side of the Construction world. Designed for use by several users at once, Procore is collaborative in nature.

Again, Procore is cloud based, and can help boost accountability and efficiency. Users can work together and view documentation, including contracts, schedules, and planning.

One of the strongest features is the labor productivity tracking that as well as having an intuitive feel connects the office with workers in the field. Allowing for real-time changes and insights, Procore can also simplify pay-rolls and decrease data processing, and comes with a two-step approval process for timesheets and payments.

Procore also has excellent apps for mobile devices, and the open API allows for easy integration with existing systems.

For such an involved piece of software and the intended professional users, licenses are sold on an annual basis.


09102018 iAuditor inspection app for construction

iAuditor – A powerful inspection and checklist app to empower your workers in the field

iAuditor is designed for the industrial side of the Construction business. It is a powerful inspection and checklist piece of software that comes with auditing and reporting as its primary focus.

It can be used in a variety of industries, including hospitality, retail, manufacturing and of course, construction. iAuditor provides a simple way to standardize the inspection process. Its main strength resides in how quickly and easily comprehensive checklists can be designed and implemented.

The reporting and analytics capabilities are impressive, and can help offer great insights to your company.

iAuditor has a tiered payment structure, including a free option which could be very useful for custom builders and remodelers on a budget.

Nektar Data Management

09102018 Nektar construction data management

Nektar – Tailor-made data management for your construction business

Nektar is another cloud-based platform designed for the more industry minded professional.

Nektar differs from all the others in this group, as it is custom built to specialize for your particular industry and needs. Essentially, it’s all about providing clarity to asset and data management, and improving workflow processes. It’s a ridiculously involved piece of software, tailored and setup with whatever specific requirements are needed of it.

Nektar is also cloud based, which means it is a paperless system, but despite everything else is also ridiculously efficient and simple to use. Nektar also uses custom based pricing and offers custom demos so you can see how it all works.


And so there we have it, 5 great choices of project management software for construction available right now. As always, wherever possible, try before you buy to make sure your software of choice works for you. 

Are you starting a construction business? Be sure to check out some essential small business software that won’t break the bank.

And of course, you can always view the full range of business software on FileHippo.