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In the digital world we often see all manners of trends and fads. Yet, the popularity of online gaming shows no sign of disappearing.... The Best Free Games to Play on PC

In the digital world we often see all manners of trends and fads. Yet, the popularity of online gaming shows no sign of disappearing. In fact, it’s constantly on the rise!

However, gaming can often be expensive. This is why we at FileHippo have decided to look at the best free games to play on PC. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are on our radar this week.

These games are perfect if you’re into strategy and battle on a grand scale. Some of the games we’re going to look at in this article boast millions of followers. We hope that our suggestions will provide something for everyone.

FileHippo’s Best Free Games to Play on PC

Our list is in no way ranked or ordered. It contains a diverse mix of gaming opportunities. Whether you’re into fantasy or mid-20th century combat, you should find something here to suit your gaming desires!

Because we’re focussing on several games in this article, we’re not going to go into too much detail here. Fear not though, more information will be available on each game’s download and description page – linked under each title.

So, without further ado – here are ten popular games that Windows PC users can enjoy for free today.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Undoubtedly, Fortnite is currently one of the best free games to play on PC

Undoubtedly, Fortnite is currently one of the best free games to play on PC

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most widely played games out there right now. This 100-player, free-for-all shooter is a hit with both young and old.

With this light-hearted take on a classic game style you can enjoy novel weapons and fun characters. Fortnite’s active E-Sports community delight in building strongholds and forts. Staircases must also be built to infiltrate enemy bases.

So, if you’re looking for a game with a very large player base and extensive map, Fortnite is a great shout. The rules are simple; the last one standing wins.

Planetside 2 

This massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is based around open-world territory and published by Sony Online Entertainment. It can feature large battles of up to 2,000 players per continent.

The Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovereignty make up the three contesting factions. Planetside 2 also provides six distinct classes, with unique abilities and equipment.

Overall, there are few games that can match the scale of the battles enjoyed with Planetside 2. Like most of the games on this list, it is free to play but supported by in-game purchases. Users particularly enjoy the potential for battles with hundreds of other players, on land and in the air.

League of Legends

Also a prominent MMO, League of Legends sees two teams battle for control of each other’s base. Essentially, it is based around 3v3 or 5v5 player teams and offers many different game modes.

League of Legends is a hugely popular game pulling in around 40 million monthly players. The game’s community presence is just as strong, with constant leagues and E-Sports events held.

The game is constantly being updated. As of August 2018, there were 141 Champions that can be unlocked and played. Riot Games has worked hard to make this game accessible to beginners with easy to learn, yet hard to master, mechanics.

Overall, League of Legends is a very popular game with a massive player base and has topped its genre for years.

Path of Exile

Created by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile is set in the world of Wraeclast. The creators use algorithms to procedurally generate random areas and dungeons. This means there are a massive amount of variations when it comes to play experiences.

Path of Exile is regularly updated with extra content for players. Game expansions have also been regularly released, up to now there have been more than seven expansions.

Essentially, this game boasts a large online community, decent graphics and unlimited character customisation. The developer is also committed to the ‘Never Pay-to-Win’ mantra.

So, with Path of Exile you will be enjoying a deep and vast gaming experience with a large community and growing player base.

World of Tanks

Another MOBA, World of Tanks features its battles based around mid-20th century combat vehicles. This incredibly popular game allows you to join tankers from all over the world, fighting for victory in epic tank encounters.

As a new player you can find a bunch of helpful introductions and how-to guides from the community on the World of Tanks website.

Like League of Legends, World of Tanks has a very large player base and community following. Frequent tournaments are hosted by the game’s creators, who regularly update the game.

You can enjoy a bunch of achievements, awarded to players for exceptional performance in battle. This fun game comes with deep gameplay and great graphics, something scarcely expected from a -free-to-play offering.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the storm free online gaming PC

Heroes of the Storm gives Windows users the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique Blizzard universe. Along the journey you will get a chance to meet characters from games including Diablo, Starcraft and World of Warcraft.

Over 35 characters, all from a host of the best video games out there, appear and are separated into four classes – assassins, support, specialists and warriors. In fights, usually no longer than 15 minutes, several players dual in teams – all searching for victory which will give them more prestige.

Towns, both ‘allied’ and ‘mercenary’, can support teams and lend their swords to players respectively. The different settings will mean that events can be shaped by your choices, lending a completely diverse outcome based on different player’s preferences.

Overall, Heroes of the Storm provides an avenue of escapism and gaming enjoyability for diverse MMO fans. With a wealth of characters, weapons and game modes, you get a new experience every time you play, as well as the opportunity to interact with other like-minded gamers.


Set within the fantasy world of Telara, Rift – developed by Trion Worlds – attracts millions of players from across the world. If you’re into role-play, diverse game settings and escapism – this is a great shout.

At the start of the game each player must choose between four classes – cleric, mage, rogue or warrior. All can evolve as the player progresses through the ‘tree of souls’. Along the way you can also pick up more elements to personalise your character.

You will carry out a range of missions, defeating many enemies in your path. This can be done solo or with friends, you will also find battles between platers – the most effective way of gaining experience.

Overall, Rift provides a memorable gaming experience. Even though it is constantly being updated it retains its original charm and straightforward gameplay. With a far-reaching fantasy map and so many players each gaming experience will feel different.


RuneScape is considered one of the most popular and in-demand virtual worlds out there. It is set in a fantasy terrain and has millions of players worldwide. Now it’s available for a Windows download and is updated twice a month, with fresh quests, challenges and content.

RuneScape’s creators promise that, whatever the gamers’ interests, their game offers something to suit everyone. Characters can get involved with fishing, crafting, cooking and farming as well as a wealth of other missions. Build and maintain your own house in this Tolkienesque setting.

Even today, RuneScape remains one of the most accessed and favoured virtual worlds. Gamers, usually between the ages of 11 and 18, can explore towns, dungeons, forests and intriguing building across a variety of landscapes and seascapes. With such a wide and open map, gameplay should never get old.

RuneScape’s reputation speaks for itself. With the brand having more than 200 million accounts set-up, it offers special memories for gamers of the past, present and future.

According to its loyal audience, that’s the main appeal of RuneScape; the escapism from the material world. Here gamers can create characters and personalities that they wouldn’t normally identify with.


Created by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is a massively multiplayer online and game creation platform. In fact, it currently has over 15 million games created by its users and provides cross-platform play between PC, tablets, mobile and Xbox One.

Roblox players can buy, sell, and create virtual items through their online marketplace. Don’t worry, it comes with extensive parental controls aimed at keeping children safe online whilst playing the game.

There is a selection of chat options (no chat, chat with friends, chat with everyone), account age visibility (13+ or <13), an account PIN code feature, and an Account Restrictions setting that only allows children under 13 to access a curated list of age-appropriate games.

Essentially, Roblox is a fun, child-friendly game that also has educational aspects. It has a large active player base and vast community development projects. So, there is always something new to try out.

Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall 

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall continues to be played by thousands and is still being updated regularly. The second instalment in the renowned role-playing saga is set in an open world and is a single-player action game.

Bethesda Softworks, the company behind the game, made sure that you will never be able to truly complete the game, as much of it is randomly generated. You don’t really need to play in quest or mission mode, you can just carry on at your own pace.

This edition of The Elder Scrolls is set in the Iliac Bay, where the protagonist – you – is sent by the Emperor at a personal request. You will have two objectives – firstly you must free a ghost from his earthly shackles and secondly you must work out what happened to a certain letter – but there’s lots more to do along the way.

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, like the rest of the saga, continues to offer gamers freedom and enjoyment. With the downloadable game now over a decade old, it is still well played, offering a completely immersive space with countless areas to visit.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Here’s ten captivating and impressive games you can start playing right now, all for free!

Of course, there are many more free gaming opportunities out there. If you enjoyed this article, let us know! That way we can shape our content to suit you and take another look at writing new gaming content.

In the meantime, be sure to check out FileHippo’s extensive range of games you can download for free today.

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!