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The Best Free Games to Play on PC
In the digital world we often see all manners of trends and fads. Yet, the popularity of online gaming shows no sign of disappearing. In fact, it’s constantly on the rise! However, gaming can often be expensive. This is why we at FileHippo have decided to look at the... Read more
Fortnite tops 2018 gaming charts – are you surprised?
We all knew that Fortnite was popular, but a new report has proven its true worth to the computer gaming industry. Smashing all records, it topped the charts ahead of other huge gaming sensations. Fortnite also made A LOT of money; around $2.4 billion was amassed, according to SuperData’s... Read more
The Best Games of 2012
Everyone has compiled their lists of the best video games to come out last year. For those of you who haven’t bought any new games in awhile, you want to spend your money on only the best. While each list varies with who is number one, there are some... Read more
Top Facebook Games of 2012
Facebook games have changed the landscape of gaming, to the delight of some and to the irritation of many. I am not sure about the percentages, but if my Facebook news feed is any indication, there are a lot more people who declare that they do not and will not... Read more
Best Games for Xmas 2012
As the holiday season fast approaches, you may wonder what to get your favorite gamer for a gift.  If you haven’t gotten hints or outright requests yet, here is a list of the most popular games that will be found in everybody’s  stocking this year.  Call of Duty Black... Read more
Best Time Wasting Mobile Games For iOS
When it comes to wasting our time in the most fun ways possible there is almost no better solution than Apple’s iOS platform. Whether you take a moment or two with Bad Piggies or simple start 95 games at the same time with Words With Friends it is easy... Read more