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There is a broad spectrum of video editing software available these days. From the basic AI-infused mobile app editors that automatically turn your hand-snapped... Adobe Premiere Pro CC Review

There is a broad spectrum of video editing software available these days. From the basic AI-infused mobile app editors that automatically turn your hand-snapped videos into polished little movies all the way up to fully formed digital editing suites, which can be used to make Hollywood blockbusters. Adobe Premiere Pro CC definitely lies at the latter high end of the scale. Let’s take a look at it in a little more detail.

Subscriptions and regular updates

Like with the other big-hitters from the Adobe suite, Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is now a cloud-based subscription piece of software. Rather than buying the program for a one-off cost, you pay a monthly fee to access the program you’ve installed on your Windows PC or Mac. If you stop paying, you lose access to Adobe Premiere Pro but if you keep paying, you’ll receive updates whenever Adobe pushes them out.

Multi-tasking and interactive tutorials

The latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC update brought with it an interesting feature that adds a lot to the program. It is now possible to open more than one video editing project at a time. As well as giving you the ability to compare multiple projects, it also makes it easy to transfer clips and other media elements between two separate projects. If you’re constantly working to the same video dimensions, this will prove a very productive new feature indeed.

Another key feature to land with the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC update is the new Learn feature. Learn will give you three interactive tutorials that will introduce you to the Premiere Pro software. Video editing is a time consuming and complicated business. An intuitive and easy to follow set of tutorials going over the expansive tool set Premiere Pro CC offers is a welcome addition to the suite.

Aimed at professionals

It really is an expansive toolset too with Premiere Pro CC being aimed squarely at professional video editors. You edit your tracks using a timeline to arrange video and audio tracks. It’s easy to edit clips from right there in the timeline too and add simple effects like adding text and images. Furthermore, Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers an extensive effects library including classics like blurs, color effects, adjustments, and many more. If you really want to push your project though, you can move it on to Adobe After Effects, which is a dedicated effects program.

Premiere Pro CC also gives a high level of control over audio editing. These controls include adding distortion effects and reverb as well more simple audio editing features like adding delays, amplifying sounds, or playing around with the bass. Premiere Pro CC also works well with VST third-party plugins and for greater control you can also switch over to Adobe Audition.

Priced accordingly

Offering high levels of control over all aspects of the video editing process, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the best video editing suites available today. It is priced accordingly, however, with subscription plans starting at $20.99 a month. That is not cheap by a long shot, making Adobe Premiere Pro CC a professional affair only. Despite that, however, it must be said that Adobe does offer a lot for the money.