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When it comes to antivirus software there aren’t many bigger names in the game than AVG. The developer has been around for what feels... AVG Ultimate 2019 review

When it comes to antivirus software there aren’t many bigger names in the game than AVG. The developer has been around for what feels like forever and is just as comfortable protecting your Android mobile as it is protecting your Windows PC. With security threats evolving all the time, however, the antivirus market has become a crowded place in recent years with seemingly every man and his dog trying to persuade you they’re best positioned to keep you and your electronic devices safe. With AVG Ultimate though, the stalwart security specialist genuinely offers something unique so we thought we’d look at its offering in greater detail.

Unlimited devices

These days cyber security programs usually make big promises about the protection they can offer but add the caveat that they’ll only protect the paying customer. Single device protection isn’t enough as most people have a laptop and a smartphone with some even enjoying a tablet and additional desktop PC too. This means that even premium offerings to protect three to five devices will only keep your own devices safe with an extra device or two thrown in for good measures.

AVG Ultimate protects an unlimited number of devices enabling you to protect your whole family against the dangers of the internet. This is a game changer for anybody who has children or elderly relatives as increasingly, they’re all accessing the internet from multiple devices too.

Solid all-round performance

The main protection AVG Ultimate offers comes from its file and behavior scanners. The file scanners work in the traditional way of scanning the files on your device and checking them against globally updated lists of known threats. Whenever AVG on any device discovers a threat it is added to the list so it can protect your device should the threat ever appear locally. The behavior scanners are more modern additions to the cyber security arsenal. They work passively, constantly on the lookout of any behavior that could indicate malicious intent.

AVG Ultimate also offers web and email scanners that will highlight any suspicious links or URLs and will also keep you safe from any phishing scams that land in your inbox. Both of these tools are customizable, which means you can set the levels that they will work to and control what they will block and what they won’t.

All the other standard protection tools are here too, including a robust firewall that not only protects against unauthorized connections but also presents a list of all your connections in easily understandable manner.

Conclusion: An excellent option that will protect your whole family

There are some shortfalls with AVG Ultimate like having to pay for a separate VPN and Password Manager, but these are easily overlooked. Often these bundled items that come with antivirus programs aren’t up to scratch compared to those made by developers who specialize in those respective fields. The big deal here though, is the unlimited device protection, which makes it a no-brainer for any tech savvy individual who is looking to protect those that might not be so well informed. An AVG Ultimate subscription offers robust protection and will cover anybody who you want to share your subscription with. Take the lead and protect your loved ones with AVG Ultimate.