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Cryptojackers. Worms. Bots. Keylogers.  It might sound like the plot of the next installment in the Star Wars franchise, but in fact, it’s just... iObit Malware Fighter strengthens its armo

Cryptojackers. Worms. Bots. Keylogers. 

It might sound like the plot of the next installment in the Star Wars franchise, but in fact, it’s just a short summary of the dangers of modern computing. All a type of malware, these nasty bugs can at best get on your computer and slow things down and at worst, expose your personal information to hackers that could lead to identity left and a lifetime of hassle. Fortunately, there are a whole host of malware fighters out there, including Malware Fighter from iObit. In its latest release – version 7 – it’s got even more power to deflect incoming cyber threats. 

What’s New

You can read our previous review of iObit Malware Fighter here, so we’ll just focus on what’s new in this post.

Perhaps best of all, the software has gotten speedier. iObit says that their testing shows an increase of 300% on average from the time the software detects a threat till the time it removes it. As with most malware programs, this one always starts with a full system scan, and iObit says that this new anti-malware engine will get the job done 63% faster than the previous release. That engine also now has over 200 million threats tracked in its continuously updated database – an increase of 160% from the previous version.

iObit has always been a strong fighter against ransomware and in version 7 that protection is incorporated into a Data Protection module called “Safe Box.” Users can store any files they feel need extra protection in the Safe Box. That box can only be opened using a strong password, so even if someone were to get control of your system, it would be impossible to open the files and hold them hostage for a fee. 


Other improvements include updates to the software’s browser-based ad-blocking feature, which now includes compatibility with the new Edge browser; the download-protection feature for browsers has also been beefed up and now works with Opera, Chrome and Edge as well as Firefox; and scanning of USB drives, when attached, has become more robust.

“iObit Malware Fighter 7 gets a 160% larger database, which is continuously growing with our new technologies and Cloud Security in real-time,” Said Bing Wang, the Product Director of IObit. “It will help users prevent the ever-increasing new cyber threats. We also care about the user’s online experience to make sure users can have a clean and safe browsing environment. IObit Malware Fighter 7 aims to be an easy-to-use and effective PC protection tool.”


iObit Malware Fighter comes in both a free and a paid version. Using the free version gets you anti-malware protection; basic real-time protection against threats; the ability to block pop-up ads and stop cryptocurrency mining; and improved homepage and DNS protection. Upgrading to the Pro level for $19.99 ads many features to the software including enhanced protection against viruses and ransomware; webcam blocking; Safe Box functionality; and 24/7 tech support.

Download iObit Malware Fighter now.