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If you’re a regular reader of FileHippo’s articles, you already know that we really think you need a VPN if you have any concerns... ZenMate VPN offers unlimited device protection

If you’re a regular reader of FileHippo’s articles, you already know that we really think you need a VPN if you have any concerns at all about being tracked or having your personal data stolen. But for those of you who might have missed it, we’ll reiterate: you need a VPN! 

Put simply, a VPN is a set of servers located in different countries around the world. Once you install VPN software on your computer, you can connect to these external servers and do all your surfing from there. This hides your real IP address, and lets you browse securely and anonymously. And when it comes to VPN software, ZenMate offers the whole package at a reasonable price.

 Unlimited devices/platforms

Many VPN services out there limit the number of devices you can connect to their servers at any one time – or, in fact, the number of devices on which you can even download the software. ZenMate is different because with one subscription, you’re allowed to install the program on all the devices you want, across all the platforms you want including iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS and Windows, along with extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. It’s a pretty impressive feature and one that really helps ZenMate stand apart from its competitors.

The service’s other features are impressive as well. ZenMate operates out of Germany that has strict privacy protections. The company keeps no logs on its users, so your online activity is completely anonymous. Additionally, ZenMate has physical servers in 74 different countries, which places it at the top of the list of VPN providers. This robust reach ensures that you can bypass many geo-restrictions to access content in places you’d normally not be able to penetrate.


ZenMate also unblocks torrenting sites and allows you to access streaming services including Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, as well as access to live sportscasting services. 

 Kill switch

As with many VPN services, ZenMate contains kill switch functionality. This means that if you are surfing the internet and your connection to their server drops for any reason, they will prevent your computer from reconnecting until you’ve given it permission to do so. This is an extra failsafe that guards against having your personal information accidentally leak.

 Strong encryption

ZenMate also features military-grade encryption, which again, is something we’re seeing in more and more VPN services. This means that not only is your IP address hidden, but your communications through its servers are also scrambled – offering even more protection than services that use older encryption protocols.