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A Shattered Collection of My Best Memories: An Immediate Solution Thanks to Stellar Photo Recovery

Who doesn’t love creating new memories and saving them as photos on a smartphone, PC, or any other digital media? While many of us share some on social media, we keep the most precious and private ones to ourselves. Sadly, my hard drive of photos became corrupted, which held images…

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

GOM Mix Max’s Big Launch

GOM & Company is releasing its newest video editing software, GOM Mix Max, with a big launch celebration. Focused on balancing high-quality and plentiful features, GOM Mix Max will be a powerful tool for new editors and veterans alike. Users who sign up now can get GOM Mix Max for free for…

Spotify Pressuring Music Labels To Cut Freemium Model
Several major music labels have publicly attacked Spotify’s freemium model, stating the streaming service should remove or severely limit free streaming to gain more customers. It follows a downturn in iTunes and physical sales, with more music listeners moving over to Spotify, Rdio or Pandora. Figures claim over 20... Read more
Tesla Adds Autonomous Functionality Onto Model S
Tesla Motors is launching a full range of autonomous features on the Model S, available through an over-the-air software update coming this summer. It is the first self-driving vehicle available to purchase, but Tesla is keeping clear from some of the features future self-driving vehicles will allow, like moving... Read more
Google Glass Isn’t Dead, Under Commercial Development
When Google Glass was removed from the Google store in December, many thought it was the end of the augmented reality device, but chairman Eric Schmidt claims it is just the beginning of Glass. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Schmidt confirms Nest Labs are now in... Read more
Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue — What Streaming Packages Do You Need?
The launch of PlayStation Vue has opened discussion on whether it is time to cut the cable cord and buy a load of streaming bundles instead. Originally, the argument against cutting the cord was hit TV shows would not be available, thus the customers would have to buy box... Read more
Elon Musk Worried Self-Driving Cars Will Ban Human Drivers
In the future, humans might be banned from driving their own cars in order to maintain full safety on the road. That is according to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, who believes once the benefits of self-driving cars are apparent, governments will outlaw or bring strict requirements for those... Read more
Windows 10 Will Be Free, Even For Software Pirates
When Microsoft introduced security keys for Windows XP, it was the beginning of a long and tiring battle against piracy, one it would ultimately fail to control with users capable of downloading a full Windows 8 license in under two minutes. Instead of continuing the tirade against pirates, it... Read more
23andMe Will Start Developing Its Own Drugs
Genetics are the future of biomedicine, at least that’s according to Anne Wojcicki, the founder of 23andMe, a genetics startup that tried to sell a toolkit for finding genetics information on ancestry and potential health issues. The toolkit did not work out due to the Food and Drug Administration... Read more
Microsoft Bringing Windows 10 To 190 Countries This Summer
Microsoft has given a timeline for the launch of Windows 10, announcing its availability in 190 countries sometime in the summer. Again, Redmond is not giving us a firm date, but it is a lot better than the “later this year” date we got in January. The 190 countries... Read more
Pay Friends Through Facebook Messenger
Facebook is launching a new payments service on Messenger, allowing friends to send money to one another in a convenient way without any fees. The social network has been working on the payments service for around a year, picking up some talent from PayPal and Square. It is said... Read more
Apple Launching Internet TV Service At WWDC 2015
Apple is preparing to launch an internet TV service this summer, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal. The service will be available for somewhere in the region of $25 to $40, depending on the amount of channels Apple is able to scoop up. Similar to Sling TV—Dish... Read more
Prepare Your Hard Drives, Star Citizen Will Feature 100GB of Content
Roberts Space Industries has been working on its mega space simulation experience Star Citizen for three years now. In that time, it has invested in side content, visual upgrades and a steady line of preliminary updates. The total accumulation of additional content to the space exploration game will incur... Read more
Mars One Candidate Reveals Hidden Scam
The Mars One mission has been criticised by quite a few outlets now, but the reports of 200,000 applicants, investment from TV production group Endemol and first mission by 2018 might be greatly exaggerated according to one of the applicants. It was only a matter of time before one... Read more
Apple Shareholders Want Tim Cook To Acquire Tesla Motors
Two prominent Apple shareholders asked CEO Tim Cook if he was considering acquiring Tesla Motors, the most prominent electric car company headed by inventor Elon Musk. It has been rumored before, although shareholders have not been quite so vocal on the subject. Cook averted the question, simply stating he... Read more
Google Launches Chromebook Pixel
When Google launched the Chromebook Pixel in 2013, few people ran to the stores to see if there was any in stock, in fact I’d wager nobody did. It was an expensive and ludicrous notebook running Chrome OS; Google’s web browser operating system that is capable of running on... Read more
Apple’s 12-inch MacBook: A Bad Deal?
Apple launched a new 12-inch MacBook, situated in the middle of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as a new ultra-thin solution to some of the current portability problems.   It brings with it two ports, a mandatory 3.5mm audio jack and the USB-C port for charging USB, HDMI,... Read more
Wikipedia Sues NSA Over Mass Surveillance
The Wikimedia Foundation is going on an all-out offensive against the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) for the global surveillance network created by the NSA with partners in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, essentially covering the entire world. The surveillance works by... Read more
Nest Reportedly Moving Into Home Audio
Nest is looking to enter new ground in the ‘Internet of Things’ market, adding a new job post for a leadership position in a new team, Nest Audio. Given Nest’s goals of redefining the appliance to something much better, this job posting probably isn’t a simple sound-bar or speaker... Read more
HBO Now Coming To iPhone, iPad And Apple TV For $14.99 Per Month
HBO CEO Richard Plepler has revealed the new standalone internet service ‘HBO Now’ will be coming one week before the premiere of Game of Thrones on April 12, and will cost $14.99 per month. It is as we expected, but one of the unexpected twists is Apple has an... Read more