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July 6 Tech news roundup: Netflix is discontinuing its Basic Ad-free plan, Authy suffers another security breach, Google Translate supports 110 new languages

Microsoft’s Weather app is displaying more ads Microsoft has made a server-side update to its Weather app. The desktop app, which is pre-installed in Windows 11, now displays multiple advertisements. This is not the first time that the Redmond company has made such a change, it did something similar last…

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

GOM Mix Max’s Big Launch

GOM & Company is releasing its newest video editing software, GOM Mix Max, with a big launch celebration. Focused on balancing high-quality and plentiful features, GOM Mix Max will be a powerful tool for new editors and veterans alike. Users who sign up now can get GOM Mix Max for free for…

New Android Malware Simulates Shutdown and Mines Your Data
If you have an Android phone and have purchased third-party apps from outside of the more well-known app stores, you may have put your device at risk from an ingenious new malware that makes it look like you’ve shut off your phone, but instead has only simulated the shutdown... Read more
Samsung Offers A Sneak Peek At The Galaxy S6
“Tomorrow, metals will flow…”. At least that’s what Samsung is telling us in the cruelest, shortest sneak peek at a new device we’ve seen in a while. The teaser video for the new Samsung Galaxy S6, slated to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress early next month and expected... Read more
YouTube To Unveil App For Kids’ Viewing
YouTube is an amazing innovation, and has become firmly embedded in our culture. Whether it’s cats playing the keyboard or a Khan Academy video explaining advanced calculus, the Google-owned video channel can provide just about anything you need to see. But one of the great equalizing features of YouTube... Read more
Want to Remove Superfish From Your Device? Good Luck
Once news broke about the months-long intentional consumer activity tracking by device manufacturer Lenovo, it wasn’t long before experts began to look for ways to remove it. Despite early warnings that the only surefire way was going to involve a hammer and the hard drive, that doesn’t appear to... Read more
Users Demand Answers From Lenovo For Pre-Installed Malware & Adware
It’s a privacy advocate’s worst nightmare: announcements came out this week that it’s not the government that citizens have to worry about spying on their computer use, it’s the device manufacturer. The Superfish adware/malware, pre-installed intentionally on select computer models in order to follow users’ internet shopping behaviors, may... Read more