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Best for Businesses: Google Apps or Microsoft Office?
Microsoft Office has been the popular long-standing choice for businesses that want an all-in-one software product.  However, Google Apps may be gaining ground on the company’s main audience. Microsoft has often focused on the business consumer rather than the individual.  Their Office package is seen in many companies as... Read more
Mobile App Marketing Prices Increasing
Acquiring a new customer for a mobile application is not cheap and in the month of October that cost rose by nearly 30 percent. According to a study by Boston-based firm Fisku, the cost of obtaining a new “loyal” customer rose from $1.06 to $1.38. As the ultra competitive... Read more
Can Gaming Change the Business World?
Over 40 percent of US consumers play video games at least once in a month.  That statistic is likely to increase with the increase in use of smartphones and tablets.  This presents new opportunities for businesses not usually associated with gaming to find unique ways to interest their customers.... Read more
Pinterest & Twitter Partnership
Pinterest seems to be picking up where Instagram left off.  After the bitter battle that has caused the separation between Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter seem to be developing a partnership that could benefit both of them. Pinterest photos are already available on Twitter and the website has... Read more
Evernote Business – Making Collaboration A Breeze
Evernote, a popular note taking and productivity application for desktops, tablets and smartphones has announced the Evernote Business platform. The new program allows users around the world to collaborate on projects from their favorite devices. The new program is live today in France, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Canada, Japan, and the... Read more
Glyph: The App For Credit Card “Enthusiasts”
How many credit cards do you have? And I mean including those cards that you don’t always bring along with you in your wallet. Things may have changed, but our generation has been labeled as the credit card generation. It may not be a good thing, but the truth... Read more
PayAnywhere – The New App That Makes Payments Easy
This new app is designed to work with most mobile devices to allow you to accept credit cards, no matter who you are.  You can be a small local business, a big company, or an individual that wants to take credit rather than cash from people.  The app is... Read more
Microsoft Aiming for 70% of Businesses to Run PCs on Windows 7
With all eyes on Windows 8, Microsoft caught the attention of industry experts by announcing that it plans to have 70% of businesses running their personal computers (PCs) on Windows 7. This was a rare piece of new focusing on Windows 7 as all the hype and limelight has... Read more
Social Analytics Apps That Website Owners Need
If you want to run a successful website you have to not only create amazing content, you have to create content that your readers want to explore. One of the best ways to determine what your users want is to follow their social interactions with your posts. While traditional... Read more
The Best Project Management Software
Three different names in project management software to help you keep track of your team and handle your projects and tasks in a more efficient manner. Collaboration is one of the critical activities in any team. It is even more crucial to have clear and transparent channels of communication... Read more
Cloud Accounting? Comparison Of The Top 3 Cloud Accounting Programs
Over the past few years, a lot of traditional accounting programs have moved from desktop applications into cloud-based programs. There is no better example of this than accounting software. Software from makers such as QuickBooks and Peachtree has gone cloud, rather than desktop. With cloud accounting programs users can... Read more