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How many credit cards do you have? And I mean including those cards that you don’t always bring along with you in your wallet.... Glyph: The App For Credit Card “Enthusiasts”

How many credit cards do you have? And I mean including those cards that you don’t always bring along with you in your wallet. Things may have changed, but our generation has been labeled as the credit card generation. It may not be a good thing, but the truth does hurt, doesn’t it? Credit cards have their value when used reasonably, but it is so easy to fall into the wormhole they can create.

Glyph: The App For Credit Card "Enthusiasts"

If you have way too many credit cards and can barely cope anymore, do yourself a favor and skip this post. If, however, you can honestly say that you can afford to get a(nother) credit card, then here’s an app that will help you make reasonable choices. (This also applies to those who have several cards and are not facing unmanageable debt.)

Introducing Glyph.

What does Glyph do?

Glyph is an app that taps into an immense database of credit cards. What it does is give users the following information:

  • Maximize your credit card rewards based on where you’re shopping
  • Discover cards you don’t have that will earn you more rewards
  • Apply for new, more rewarding cards directly through the app
  • Track the value of reward currencies (e.g., points, miles, etc)
  • View APR, Annual Fee, and Reward Details on over 250 cards

There is also the social aspect, or as I like to call it, tapping into the competitive spirit in everyone. That is, you have the option of seeing how you stack up against other Glyph users. For the life of me, though, I do not see how or why people would want to share information about their credit card use. Even with friends!

What’s potentially awesome about this app is that it gives you real-time alerts using geolocation. For example, if you’re thinking of making a purchase at a specific store, the app can give you a heads up as to which of your credit cards is the best one to use in terms of rewards, discounts, cashbacks, etc.

Security is not a concern
If you’re worried about storing your credit card info in their servers, then you’re way off base. That’s because Glyph will NOT require any sensitive information about your cards. All you need to input are the types of cards you have!

Glyph is currently free for iOS.

[Image via RocketLawyer]