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New Updates Are Designed To Streamline Your Tech Time
FileHippo brings you new software titles and new updates to existing favorites every day, and today’s list of updates is all about improving your tech performance and streamlining your productivity. The first update is EagleGet, and it’s a godsend to anyone who connects via portable, personal hotspots. These wifi... Read more
LibreOffice Vanilla Makes Its Mac App Store Debut
LibreOffice is officially available in the Mac App Store for the first time ever. After years of manual installs and updates the open source office suite can now be downloaded by Apple users with the perks of automatic updates, long-term maintenance, and support options. Known as LibreOffice Vanilla, the... Read more
Concerned About Privacy On Your Mac? Try Little Snitch
Your Firewall provides protection against unwanted access from the Internet. Little Snitch gives you control over your private outgoing data, so you can have control over your privacy. With Little Snitch you can track your background activity. As soon as your computer connects to the Internet, applications will often have... Read more
Firefox 37.0 For Mac OS Released
Mozilla Firefox is a fast, light and tidy open source web browser. Although the browser’s market share is lower for OS X, it is still one of the most popular browsers available on the Mac platform. The key features that have made Mozilla Firefox so popular are the simple... Read more
Apple’s 12-inch MacBook: A Bad Deal?
Apple launched a new 12-inch MacBook, situated in the middle of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as a new ultra-thin solution to some of the current portability problems.   It brings with it two ports, a mandatory 3.5mm audio jack and the USB-C port for charging USB, HDMI,... Read more
Apple Repairing Certain MacBooks For Free Due To Bad Video
If you happened to buy a certain MacBook Pro between February 2011 and December 2013, you may be eligible to have Apple repair it for free due to a problem dealing with video playback. Apple has revealed that certain MacBook Pro models between those years have some hardware problems... Read more
Need to Run Windows On Your Mac? Try Parallels
Have you ever needed to use Windows-based software for some reason, but you use a Mac? There are different workarounds for this issue. You could use Mac OS X’s Bootcamp too to natively run a Windows OS, but if you still need access to your files, programs and data... Read more
Photos App for Mac OS X Has Been Delayed
The new Photos app for the Mac OS X desktop has apparently been delayed, but no further information has been gathered about the issues involved. The new desktop app was originally pencilled in to roll out at the start of this year. Photos is set to replace the now ageing... Read more
Need to Clone Your Mac HDD? Try Carbon Copy Cloner
Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup utility with a difference. While most backup applications make copies of selected files, Carbon Copy Cloner makes an exact duplicate of a disk. For many Mac users, Carbon Copy Cloner has prevented complete disaster, helping them rescue an entire hard drive before it... Read more
Own A Mac? Protect Yourself With ClamXav
If you own a Mac, you’re less likely to have a virus scanner than a Windows user. For many years, Mac users have relied on the fact that Macs just weren’t that widespread, and that meant most malicious attacks were targeted at Windows machines. Times are changing, and  is one... Read more
Try your Hand at Pro DVD Menu Editing With Voilabits
Have you ever seen a DVD menu and thought it looked so cool that you wished you could edit your movies to look just as good? Or maybe you want to choose a few movie files and want to edit them into one movie? Well now you can! Voilabits DVDCreator... Read more
How to Erase your Download Logs in OS X
If you didn’t already know, Mac OS X keeps a continuous log of every file that you download, from MP3’s to PDF’s and everything in between. The only exception to this is apps from the Mac App Store. The system is set up that way, so in the event... Read more
LINE for Mac Updated
LINE allows you to share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts and your location information easily with your friends and it is one of the only services in which users can interact with fellow Mac and iOS users along with many other platforms. You can get the latest news and... Read more
How to Organise your Mac Desktop with Spaces
A few years back Apple introduced Spaces with OS X 10.5 (Leopard). These were, in essence, virtual desktops. Spaces allows you to create multiple desktops, so basically it’s like having multiple monitors, but without the monitors. Some people knock Apple for their OS and say that it is gimmicky etc.... Read more
Give Your Mac a Fresh Lift, Download CleanMyMac
CleanMyMac is a simple yet powerful tool for cleaning up your Mac and optimizing its performance. The interface is very easy to get to grips with; it has simple one-click functionality; your entire Mac is scanned in order to locate files that are either no longer in use or... Read more
Need File Recovery For Your Mac? Try Disk Drill
Have you ever inadvertently deleted a file or folder that you really needed and just couldn’t figure out a way to recover it? Everyone should have at least one form of backup utility on their Mac, whether that be a Time Machine connected to a NAS drive or a... Read more
Adobe Launches CC Range of iOS Apps
Finally, Adobe has announced its new collection of apps that are currently accessible on the Apple App Store. Adobe has decided to focus on making its mobile software simple and easy to use.  There are four types that sync with the desktop PC: Illustration, Imaging, Video and Creative Cloud Capture... Read more
Apple Announcing Yosemite Release On October 16th?
Re/Code has announced that Apple will be holding another big press conference on October 16th of this year where it looks like they’ll officially unveil their new OS X Yosemite, as well as release new information regarding their new lineup of iMacs and iPads. While Apple hasn’t sent out... Read more