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Viber Blocked – is WhatsApp Next?
Government Threats Saudi Arabia may block WhatsApp within weeks.  In March, Saudi officials threatened to block popular Internet messaging, call and chat services; WhatsApp, Skype and Viber if they did not comply with local government regulations.  This latest warning was issued after the Communications and Information Technology Commission blocked... Read more
Is Skype Still Replacing Windows Messenger?
Perhaps the end of Microsoft Messenger is not quite so near after all.  Microsoft will be turning off Messenger on March 15th as previously planned.  However, it will only be part of a “test group.”  The service will actually only be cut off for that day only. Most users... Read more
Leave Face Mail With Skype Video Messages
Last Friday, Microsoft announced the near arrival of its alternative to voice and text messages. Skype users, by way of Voice over IP, will soon be able to leave video messages for their contacts when they are unavailable and offline. Skype’s Video Messages The feature will allow the user... Read more
Record Conversations with the Skype Video Recorder
Have you ever wanted to be able to record that important Skype session?  There are many reasons why someone would want to record a Skype call.  Perhaps you are interviewing someone and want to be able to keep a record of the interview.   It could be that a business... Read more
The End of Microsoft Messenger is Near
Back in 2011 when Microsoft purchased Skype, many people surely expected changes. Then last November, Microsoft announced that it would shut down its long running instant messaging client, Windows Messenger Live. As expected, it has now been announced to users that the messaging service would close up shop on March 15.  ... Read more
SkypeHide: Keeping Skype Confidential
Secret messages, covert channels and hidden information may sound like something from the Bourne Ultimatum film, but it is also part of an alleged new offering from Skype. If Skype, which allows users to communicate via microphone, webcam, instant messaging and phone calls, goes ahead with the newfangled concept,... Read more
The Best IM Apps
How do you communicate with your friends and family when you’re not talking face to face? What is your default medium of communication? Text/SMS? Voice call? Back in the day everyone was raving about text messaging. From around 2003 to 2010, text messaging was definitely the “in” thing. But... Read more
Skype versus Google Talk
The age of VoIP has certainly started to take place. Individuals no longer talk on phones – they talk on computers. Two popular VoIP providers include Skype and Google Talk. While both of these services offer chat capabilities, instant messages and video over the web, it is hard to... Read more