Last Friday, Microsoft announced the near arrival of its alternative to voice and text messages.
Skype users, by way of Voice over IP, will soon be able to leave video messages for their
contacts when they are unavailable and offline.

Skype’s Video Messages

The feature will allow the user to send up to three minutes of personal video to their contacts
using the camera on their mobile.

Skype Users Can Leave Face Mail

For Window’s users, it will be a few months before you can receive a video message, as it will
initially be available only for Android, iOS and Mac but is coming to Windows in April. Microsoft is currently catering more to the mobile user who will receive the face mail in their mailbox just as they would a traditional voice or text message.

Will it catch on?

One question that many have about the idea of video messaging is, what’s the use? There are
times when voice messaging is preferred, when being able to convey urgency or sincerity in
your tone is necessary. Texting is quite convenient, getting the point across quickly no matter
your location. Ever send a text while laying in bed or after just waking up? This is not the time for
video messages. Video messaging requires a little more planning and thought about your
surroundings and appearance.

The best aspect of the feature is that it can help you connect on a more personal level with your
friends and loved ones. If you have a relative or a sweetheart that lives far away, or perhaps
children that live too far from their grandparents, this service could be very beneficial. Although
many of you may not see the point, it’s possible that those who are entrenched in technology, people who are already Skype users and Youtube junkies, will take to it immediately.


The video messages are currently undergoing beta testing, and time will tell what other features
will be added before full release. Microsoft has now revealed that Skype Video Messages will be
free to try the for the first 20 message but continued use of the feature will then require the
purchase of Skype Premium for $4.99 a month.

What are your thoughts about Skype’s new feature? Do you think video messaging is pointless,
or can you see yourself and your friends using this feature?

[Image via skype]