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Acoustic Levitation: Surfing Objects on Sound Waves
Scientists have been looking for effective ways to levitate objects for decades. Several methods exist nowadays, such as magnetism and light, electrostatic fields or sound waves, but they all have their own drawbacks. Acoustic levitation has generally been the preferred method, as unlike its counterparts, it can float larger... Read more
Welcome Back, VLC For iOS!
VLC has long been one of the most reliable video players for people all over the world. Whether you are a Mac lover or a PC loyalist, when it comes to VLC, there just seems to be a meeting point where users agree that it is one of the... Read more
Is Instagram Video Going To Kill Vine?
So everyone who said that the Facebook event was going to be all about Instagram video was right. The “big idea” from a “small team” indeed turned out to be video sharing via what used to be a photo-only platform. And yes, the filters are there. Of course, this... Read more
Google All Access Launched: Unlimited Music Streaming
The online radio streaming service niche does not leave much room for newcomers, but if the newcomer has big a name as Google, then the picture suddenly changes. Google has been known to enter markets that are already crowded, and with its propensity for innovation, it has also been... Read more
Vdio launched in US and UK
Rdio, the subscription service known for its streaming music now has a sister company called Vdio. Now available in the US and the UK, Vdio is a digital rental service for movies and television shows. Currently the service is available on desktop and as an iPad app, with more... Read more
SoundCloud Simplifies Subscription Model
The World’s leading social sound platform, SoundCloud, has announced some changes to its membership plans this week. The music sharing site, previously offered Lite, Solo, Pro and Plus plans, but is now dropping its user accounts down to just 3; free, Pro, and Pro Unlimited. Paying customers will not... Read more
InstaThis: For Your Instagram Photos On Wood Or Acrylic
What do you do with all those Instagram photos that you upload? Digital photography sure has changed our habits drastically, but it does not mean that photo prints are out of the picture. In fact, photo printing services continue to enjoy good business, simply because we still tend to... Read more
DrawQuest App Can Turn You Into an Artist
Do you consider yourself to be artistic?  This is the general question behind a new app called DrawQuest.  While most children feel free to express themselves artistically, adults often struggle with the notion of their own creativity.  Many adults simply feel that they are not artistic.    DrawQuest is an... Read more
iTunes Crosses 25 Billion Songs Sold
After nearly a decade in existence, iTunes has crossed 25 billion songs sold. Launched by Apple just after the turn of the millennium, the music store has gained tremendous popularity over the years. As people warmed up to the idea of digital music, they started using iTunes to get... Read more
The Best Action Cameras Available
Be it snowboarding, skiing, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling, or whatever you prefer, your favorite sporting adventures are quite simple to capture and preserve thanks to modern technology. “Helmet Cams” of today are progressing in their abilities to stand up to any extreme condition an adventurer might subject it to. But... Read more
Montaj: The Video App For Those Who Like To Shake It
Photo apps with filters and other editing features have enabled the average person to concoct creations worthy of a professional photographer. Well, maybe not exactly, but there is no denying that these apps have skyrocketed in popularity. And while it is not necessarily always applicable, photography enthusiasts also have... Read more
Free Audio Converter for Better Sound
DVDVideoSoft recently released a new version of Free Audio Converter for Windows platforms. This is a simple application that allows users to convert from one audio format to another one. This includes all of the popular formats, including MP3, WAV, APE, OGG, and others. You can now even get... Read more
Proper Etiquette for Sharing Photos Online
With today’s social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, taking and sharing photos and videos have become much more convenient, free, and out there for the world to see in an instant. It’s really amazing that you can just scroll down and watch your friends and loved ones’... Read more
Listen from Linux: A Good Audio Manager for Desktops
If you prefer your apps to be less cluttered and more organized, you will appreciate the Listen audio manager from Linux.  It includes some nice features that will make your listening more enjoyable.   Many people just go with the default apps on their computers, but the Listen audio... Read more
Best Photo Apps for Your Holiday Pictures
Millions of cameras will be capturing special moments through this holiday season.  Thanks to technology, you aren’t stuck with the image exactly the way you captured it.  You can make edits, add or take away certain elements, and create something infinitely more from your humble photo.  Here are some... Read more
What Specs Are Important on a Digital Camera?
If you are looking for a digital camera to buy, you will find a lot of specifications listed to tell you about the product.  But how do you know which information is important and what is just extra fluff?  While a lot of it will depend on how you... Read more
Twitter Debuts Aviary-Powered Photo Filters For Smartphones
Twitter has gone the way of Instagram, debuting its very own photo filters powered by the Aviary photo platform. News of the new photo filters arrives just after Instagram pulled its full photo support from the Twitter social network. The new platform is powered by Aviary, the same company... Read more
Spotify Premium Hits 5 Million Users Worldwide
Spotify’s streaming music service has become an instant hit in every single country where it has launched, now just over one year since arriving in the United States the company has proven its proof of concept. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced during a Thursday press event in New York... Read more