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UPDF Editor: Multiple Tools to Hone Your PDF Editing Skills

PDFs are used in almost every professional environment. This has also given rise to various professional tools to help edit and save PDFs. The problem with these tools is they don’t have all the features, so you end up spending on multiple tools to get the most out of your…

New Windows 7 PCs Available Until 2013
Windows 8 has been out for over a month but the general perception remains people are taking their time to warm up to it. In this day and age, where the new iPad and iPhones are lapped up by the public, slow appreciation could spell doomsday for a product... Read more
Top 10 Apps for Windows 8
It has been less than a month since the official launch of Windows 8. Users are slowly and gradually getting the hang of how it works and what the new features are for. In the midst of this, the apps have surprisingly been ignored. Most of the attention has... Read more
Microsoft Aiming for 70% of Businesses to Run PCs on Windows 7
With all eyes on Windows 8, Microsoft caught the attention of industry experts by announcing that it plans to have 70% of businesses running their personal computers (PCs) on Windows 7. This was a rare piece of new focusing on Windows 7 as all the hype and limelight has... Read more
How to Boot Windows 7 & 8 Simultaneously
Finally, the time is near when Microsoft launches the new version of its operating system. The Windows 8 is highly anticipated and has been generating a lot of buzz from the time it was announced. There are a number of new features and a host of changes. The news... Read more
Best Screencast Programs For Windows
Screencasts are an excellent way to show people how to perform certain actions using their computers. By capturing computer movements and voice recordings screencasts allow visual learners to see exactly how they should perform certain tasks. Screencasts also allow the tutorial creator to quickly create guides without the need... Read more
Top Tips For Monitoring Your Mobile Data
Smartphones, Tablets and other cellular connected devices have begun to take over our lives. Unfortunately as we begin to connect more outside of the home the cost of mobile data is skyrocketing. Thankfully there are plenty of useful apps on the market that allow users to monitor mobile phone... Read more