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It has been less than a month since the official launch of Windows 8. Users are slowly and gradually getting the hang of how... Top 10 Apps for Windows 8

It has been less than a month since the official launch of Windows 8. Users are slowly and gradually getting the hang of how it works and what the new features are for. In the midst of this, the apps have surprisingly been ignored. Most of the attention has gone towards the new user interface and comparisons between Windows 7 and 8. If you are looking to start using Windows 8, here are the top 10 apps to use.

Top 10 Windows 8 Apps


The new Messaging app on Windows 8 is good, but restrictive. As of now, it runs only Windows Messenger and Facebook Chat. Users looking for a broader range of chat options should download IM+ which enables them to use AIM, Jabber, ICQ, GChat and Facebook on a common platform.


The user interface of Windows 8 does not display the time unless you pull up the Charms bar. For a constantly displayed clock, you can download the Clock app from Jujuba. It is free and customizable according to your preferences.

TuneIn Radio

If you are a radio buff, you will love the 14,000+ stations available to you through the TuneIn Radio app. These are only the stations airing from within the US and you can find many more from around the world. The best thing is that it’s free!


Avid users of the HowStuffWorks website can have all the information from it on their Start screen with the HowStuffWorks app. The app is free and gives you updates whenever anything new is added to the already huge bank of information.


SmartGlass is exclusively for users who own an Xbox 360. It transforms the PC screen into an interface for your Xbox 360. You can play games, store data and enjoy other functions of the console through this app.


eBay is one of the websites which has embraced the new Windows 8 layout. When you download the eBay app, you can view the panels in the design of the new Start screen of Windows 8. The app is free and the design makes it easy to use.

Microsoft Minesweeper

If Windows is the only operating system you have ever used, you would be surprised to see there is no Minesweeper in Windows 8. This is one of the changes made by Microsoft to the new operating system. So, if you want to play the classic game, the Microsoft Minesweeper app is your best bet.


As the name clearly shows, MovieGuide is an app strictly for movie buffs. The app is a must-have because it enables you to compile lists of movies you want to watch and categorize them. In addition, you can play trivia and watch trailers. In essence, it combines the functionality of IMDB, Flixster and YouTube.


Windows 8 may be the only operating system which improves your Netflix experience. Browsing the movies from the app is much easier than using your browser. You can stream them directly as well.


Most users are already familiar with the StumbleUpon app and you would be pleased to know that it works wonderfully on Windows 8. It should be among the first apps you install and use. It can improve your internet browsing and surfing experience significantly. Stumble upon new online surprises with StumbleUpon.

These are the top 10 apps for Windows 8 you should download right away. They will enhance your experience and add to the entertainment options available on the new operating system. Keep in mind these are just 10 of the many hundreds and thousands of great apps you can download on the new Windows 8.


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