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Time to Say Goodbye to Windows XP
We’ve all been Windows users at some point. Even many hardcore Mac users today probably have a strong history with the much maligned operating system. One thing that everyone will probably agree with is this: Windows XP is one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has served us... Read more
Nokia’s “Treasure Tags” Help You Find Lost Keys
There is nothing more frustrating than losing your keys, but thanks to Nokia that might no longer be a problem. According to sources the firm is planning to launch a “Treasure Tag” accessory that is able to track items using Bluetooth and NFC with a Lumia Windows phone. Apparently... Read more
Flipboard Arrives On Your Desktop
Flipboard has arrived on your desktop as a Web-based version of the Flipboard program went live on Tuesday, bringing the motion loved by millions, the flip, to their desktop PC’s.  The new app means anyone can view, share and “flip” their magazine content online, a vision that is closer to the company’s... Read more
Windows 8.1 Carries New Features
In view of endless debate over Windows 8 and the confusion because of its new features, Windows took a little while to come back with a worthy answer. With its newer version, Windows 8.1, it has few things to present to its critics. Windows 8.1 Carries New FeaturesThe Return... Read more
Nokia 909 Image Leaked
Nokia has somehow managed to hang on to dear life, thanks to the high end phones that it has been churning out. While many of the people in my circle would never think about getting a Windows phone, there is still a market for such a device. And, if... Read more
HTC One Windows Phone 8 On The Horizon?
This new rumour regarding the variant of the HTC One will look very similar to the metallic flagship model, but will be powered by Microsoft’s tile-based operating system, Neowin reports. The phone won’t be a clone or carbon copy of the original HTC One, but will have a similar look.... Read more
Microsoft Joins Specialty Store Fray with Windows Stores
There is something to be said about not having to leave your chair – or bed, for that matter – to make purchases. There are many reasons, after all, that online shopping has become a default for many people. Of course, that does not totally discount the fact that... Read more
Native Biometrics in Windows 8.1
Windows as an OS has traditionally supported biometric devices such as fingerprint readers through third party software and drivers. Microsoft has now announced that Windows 8.1 will bring native support for fingerprint readers. It will also allow users to lock individual folders in the system with fingerprints! The Build conference... Read more
Laptop That Can Run Windows 8 & Android
New devices have been unveiled ahead of the start of Computex, a tech show that will be running in Taipei, Taiwan from Tuesday to Saturday. Amongst some of the launches announced was a laptop that can run both Windows 8 and an Android OS. The Transformer Book Trio was... Read more
Microsoft’s Kinect For Xbox One Also To Come To Windows
The official reveal of Microsoft’s Xbox One was surrounded by a lot of hype, quite naturally; and when the news was finally broken, enthusiasts and critics alike were not lacking for things to say. For one thing, the name was not exactly what practically everyone thought it would be.... Read more
Microsoft May Bring Back the Start Button
One of the most noticeable changes Microsoft made to the Windows operating system in the latest version, Windows 8, was the absence of the Start button. For years, the Start button has been a constant fixture of the Windows desktop environment. Traditionally, the Start button enabled the users to... Read more
Windows OEMs Shipped 3 Million Tablets In Q1 2013
Microsoft Windows tablet OEMs combined to ship 3 million devices in Q1 2013. The team at Strategy Analytics examined sales channels for the Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices to determine Microsoft’s 7.5 percent share of the global branded tablet market. In comparison the study found that 19.5 million... Read more
Windows 8 May Cut Off Gmail Users
When big companies launch into the horse race of attracting the public audience, the users of their products either benefit through amazing deals and products that provide stellar services or they can be caught in-between and feel the squeeze as the consumers of Microsoft and Google are feeling these... Read more
Windows Phones Outsell iPhones!
In what universe??? Even if you’ve stuck by Microsoft through all these years, I think that if you are a pragmatic person even in the loosest sense of the word, you would not really think that Windows Phones outsell iPhones. In any universe. Then again, stranger things have happened,... Read more
Microsoft to Release IE10 Updates to Windows 7
Around half of all PC users run their machines on Windows 7. Hence, they are familiar with Microsoft’s web browser, the Internet Explorer. Microsoft had launched the Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) a few weeks back for their new generation operating system, Windows 8. Recently though, they decided to go... Read more
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Support Ending July 2014
The Windows Phone 8 OS was more well received than its predecessor but come July 2014 users better be ready to upgrade. Microsoft has announced that both Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 will lose official support in mid-2014. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 8 in July 2013... Read more
Why 2 Monitors May Be Better Than 1 With Windows 8
Many people enjoy the advantages of a dual-monitor setup.  For some, dual monitors are a way to increase work productivity.  Some even view it as a way of reducing paper consumption.  You can use two monitors to have two documents open at the same time, rather than printing a... Read more
Windows 8 Is Child’s Play
Microsoft Windows 8 was so hyped from the get go, that it could only go brilliantly or turn into a disaster. There just might be no middle ground. And from the looks of it, Windows 8 is not doing well at all. Sure, there are those who still see... Read more