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Cbeebies Playtime App Launched
The BBC has launched, at no cost may I add, an iOS and Android app for its CBeebies channel, aimed at preschoolers, with mini-games which are based on four of its popular shows.  The BBC CBeebies Playtime app is available for iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire in the UK.  On the iOS platform it joins the... Read more
Umano App Reads The News To You With Voice Actors
The Umano application reads articles aloud so you can catch up on the news while driving or working out at the gym or doing whatever it is you guys get up to? The team behind the app at SoThree inc believe that audio recordings may help publishers generate more... Read more
Mobile Malware Increases By 614% – Android Most At Risk
New data shows that in the past year mobile malware has increased by 614 percent, with Android receiving 92 percent of the threats. The data comes from Juniper Newtorks, who released its third annual Mobile Threat Report on Tuesday. The growth of mobile malware was tracked from March 2012... Read more
Save Our Smartphones!
The Associated Press said last Thursday that New York and San Francisco Prosecutors will announce a program people have dubbed, Save Our Smart-phones. The new initiative will bring together politicians, consumer advocates and law enforcement officials across the United States to fight the increasing surge of smartphone thefts. The... Read more
Does Facebook Know What Apps You Really Want?
Facebook admits that its large number of apps available in the App Center makes it difficult to know which ones to recommend to users. The App Center has been around since May in the US and international since August. It gets around 220 million visitors each month, according to... Read more
Health Apps That Can Make Your Life Better
The mobile phone has changed the world, and continues to do so, making an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if there really is a significant increase in the visibility of health-related apps and platforms. From big names to... Read more
5 Concepts that Were Far Too Ahead of the Curve
Apps and technology accessories are nothing new to today’s consumer. In fact, with hundreds of apps releasing each month it is next to impossible to imagine there ever being such a thing as an app too far ahead of its time. Unfortunately, many app ideas released too far ahead... Read more