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Everything You Need To Know About Swift – Apple’s New Language
At this year’s WWDC Apple surprised all attendees by unveiling its new programming language, Swift. Apple’s chief of engineering Craig Federighi, revealed that Swift is “safe, modern and powerful” and will be replacing Objective-C in the months to come. There’s no denying that this is a big step for Apple but... Read more
Whisper App Reveals Most Outrageous Excuses For Being Late For Work
Whisper, the social networking app, is an outlet for people to anonymously express their secrets, views and strange preferences.  Thanks to the anonymity people have felt at liberty to share there ridiculous excuses for either turning up to work late or not at all. Of course just telling your... Read more
The Apps You Need For The 2014 World Cup in Brazil
The FIFA World Cup 2014 is almost upon us, with kick off starting in Brasil on June 12th. If you don’t want to miss a single moment, then keep up to date with these apps – they are all free and are available for both iOS and Android. Tell... Read more
The Best Apps On Google Chromecast
At the beginning of last month Google released its Chromecast Software Development Kit (SDK) and API, meaning that the inexpensive HDMI dongle is about to get a whole lot more apps. Add the fact that Chromecast is now available in another eleven countries, including the U.K., Canada, Italy, Sweden,... Read more
Piriform Publicly Releases CCleaner Android App With Updates
Last week we told you about Piriform‘s new CCleaner Android app that moved from private to public beta. A new update has now been published to the Play Store and includes the following improvements: Added CCleaner version number in navigation drawer Improved storage graph Improved system information accuracy Improved... Read more
Scam App Virus Shield For Android Removed From Play Store
Virus Shield, the popular anti-virus app for Android, has been found to be a scam. In response to the discovery, Google has removed the bogus app from its Play Store. The app had previously held the top spot in the Play Store’s apps chart but has since been labelled... Read more
A-CHESS App Helps Keep Alcoholics Sober
There really is an app for everything it seems. While there are a lot of “fun” apps out there available for everyone to use, there is also an increasing amount of useful and productive apps that are in development or have recently been released. None of them may have... Read more
Prices Set To Rise For iTunes & App Store Downloads
When the chancellor announced the latest budget for the UK, it was revealed that a previous loophole allowing digital downloads to avoid tax in the UK will now be closed. As a result, when these new laws take effect, it could be that we see an increase in price... Read more
Nest Adds Insteon Hub Support
Welcome to your smart home!  From work, you turn up your Nest thermostat in order for your house to reach a comfortable temperature.  As you walk up to your door, you open your smart lock with your android smart phone, you adjust the lighting using Nest to get optimal... Read more
Fresh NY Times App Coming Soon
At SXSW last Saturday, the New York Times were showcasing a ‘soon-to-be released’ subscription mobile application that is going to cost $8 per month. The app is called ‘NYT Now’ and it will provide readers with a specially crated feed of news stories entailing blurbs of key points, thereby allowing readers... Read more
Crowdpilot App Gives You Live Advice For Any Situation
Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could’ve had all of your friends around you right at that very moment to offer you advice? Me neither. Here’s an example: you’re on a blind date and you have no idea what you should talk about, or... Read more
Control Your Garage Door With Open-Me App
Don’t you just hate that feeling you get when you can’t remember if you left the garage door open? And if you can’t remember that thought will just keep bouncing around in your head until you can actually verify whether your door is in fact open or shut. It’s... Read more
Send Your Memories To The Future With The Recmember Me App
Have you ever opened a time-capsule? Lifting the lid on memories from times past is like a secret door into an unknown time, where you can live the experiences of those who were kind enough to share them. Thanks to the new app Recmember Me, you can send your... Read more
Watchdog Outlines New Rules On Kids & In-App Purchases
Watchdogs have begun to set out new rules for disallowing games from tricking kids into racking up huge bills via in app purchases. The Office of Fair Trading has set out eight guidelines governing in-app purchases and the punishment for breaking these guidelines is by way of fines for... Read more
Post-It And Evernote Partner Up For Digital Notes
Evernote is arguably the best note-taking app you can find in the market today. For people with memory issues – whether short-term of long-term – Evernote makes it easy to remember everything. Whether you prefer using your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone, Evernote can help you keep tabs of... Read more
Welcome Back To Life, Simplenote!
Simplenote has been dubbed as the “first great notes app“, and in spite of a rocky recent history, it seems that its fans have not lost enthusiasm for the app. The notes app scene has not been idle, with many apps coming into the picture, but with Simplenote’s comeback,... Read more
The Dish On YouTube’s Offline Videos
There is no arguing that YouTube is the site to go to for video content. Whether it’s music, how-tos, or simply stupid, fun videos, YouTube has got something for everyone. And while there are some people who would not touch the site with a 12-foot pole, YouTube’s stats show that they have the... Read more
Don’t Worry About Parking The Armadillo-T, Just Fold It Away
The innovative team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed a foldable micro all-electric car that they have named the Armadillo-T. Parking in a dense urban metropolis would be a piece of cake but don’t expect it to do the school run and carry a... Read more