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Official Mozilla Firefox for iOS App Released
Firefox, the 2nd most used web browser in the world has finally become available for Apple iOS devices. As FileHippo reported back in September, the company behind Firefox, Mozilla had been trialing the app exclusively in New Zealand. But it was only 2 years ago that Mozilla rejected the idea of a Firefox browser... Read more
Google To Merge Chrome And Android
There’s good news for Android mobile device fans: Google may reportedly be combining all the best features of the Android operating system with this things users enjoy about Chrome. This move, reported last week and alluded to at a recent conference, would give Google something it has yet to... Read more
Does Anyone Really Need PlugIns Anymore?
There’s a whole world of browser plugins out there, and they do some pretty awesome stuff. Most everyday tech users take advantage of them without even knowing it, as in the case of Java or Flash Player. Other higher up tech-savvy users have come to rely on plugins for... Read more
Productivity Software Updates Make The Best Even Better
A host of top-rated software titles that are designed to make your work and personal lives easier launched updates recently. Some of these well-loved programs have millions of downloads and registered users, for a variety of life application reasons. In the world of popular web browsers, both Google Chrome... Read more
ZenMate Chrome Browser Plug-In Adds Layer Of Privacy
Data security and personal privacy are hot topics in the tech world right now. News like the recent AshleyMadison breach–and the hugely embarrassing resulting aftermath, especially for key celebrities–has made even the most basic of tech users think twice about hopping online and browsing around. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use... Read more
Firefox Set To Be More Like Chrome In The Future
Serious changes will soon be coming to everyone’s favorite fox themed browser, and the revolution is taking place at a fundamental level.  Firefox 43, due for final release by Mozilla in December, is to make use of a new extension API, that Mozilla have decided to name as “WebExtensions.” This new API extension... Read more
Google Chrome And Windows 10 Build 10525: It’s Not Working
Google Chrome and Windows 10 appear to have fallen out with each other. But no one is  forcing anyone to use Microsoft’s new Edge browser….just yet.  Microsoft released the new preview of version Windows 10 build 10525 to Windows Insiders earlier this week, and it was jumped on by... Read more
Big Day For Browser Updates
The days of being stuck having to use the pre-installed Internet Explorer browser are long gone. In the world of optional web browsers, there are a few names that reign supreme, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other lesser-known web browsers are still garnering attention and a loyal fan... Read more
Ad blocking software usage in US grows 48% in just one year: Should online advertisers be worried?
Well, yes, at least according to the latest “The cost of ad blocking” 2015 report, published on Monday. In partnership with Adobe, PageFair have released their annual findings on the state of play regarding consumers and their ever increasing use of ad blocking software. The report specifically cites Google... Read more
Chrome Launcher 2.0 Gets Google Now
What is Google Now? Well, it’s a way for Google to give you information it thinks you want based on information you’ve searched before, all in the form of pop-up cards that get sent to your phone or device. Before non-believers start thinking that’s an annoying way to intrude... Read more
Chrome Will Block Oracle’s Java Plugin By Default In Version 42
A recently released Chrome update, Chrome 42, no longer supports Oracle’s Java plugin, bringing to the forefront Google’s decision to completely phase out NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) by Chrome 45 in September, 2015. NPAPI first came on the scene in 1995 as part of Netscape Navigator 2.0... Read more
Google Chrome Hack Lets Android Apps Run On Browser‏
Android apps have always been confined to the mobile, but what if users were to enable the 1.3 million mobile apps to work on Chrome, Mac and Windows OS? This is what one developer has been able to achieve, going under the alias of “Vladikoff.” Vladikoff used App Runtime... Read more
Love Chrome? Try Chromium
If you like the look and feel of Google’s Chrome web browser for Mac OS, then why not give Chromium a try.  Chromium is an open-source browser project, which aims to build a safer, faster and more stable way for everyone to experience the web. The browser provides almost... Read more
Check Out Chrome’s Latest Update
Google’s world-class Chrome browser, brings sophisticated technology coupled with a simple user interface, to create a faster, safer and easier browsing experience.  The continuous development cycle of Chrome ensures Google’s browser continues to stay ahead of the competition. Google Chrome can run applications at great speed, thanks to a... Read more
The Best Alternative Browsers
We recently discovered what you, the TechBeat readers, prefer to use when it comes to browsers, however we noticed that some of you commented on how you have chosen alternative browsers over the mainstream ones like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. So if you are looking for a change... Read more
Which Browser is The Best? – Poll Results
Thanks to everyone who voted for their favourite internet browser in our recent poll! The results were really interesting and we appreciated you telling us why you voted the way you did. After reading through all the comments it became very clear what is important to users when deciding... Read more
Tips For Browsing With Chrome
Chrome, the powerful browser from Google, is full of features and with the right know-how it can speed up your browsing experience. In this article we are going to look at some of Chrome’s features that can be used on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. Google Voice Search... Read more
Google Chrome Extensions And Tweaks
Let’s face it, there are some very good web browsers on the market today; Microsoft’s IE, Apple’s Safari and Google’s offering; Google Chrome.  Chrome is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used browsers across the globe and for good reason. One of the cool things that make Google... Read more