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Google Doubling Chrome OS Engineering Teams in Taiwan
In May 2011 Sundar Pichai, announced the launch of the Google Chrome OS research center in Taiwan.Ā  The operation now requires more staff and Google has plans to double the number of engineers in its research center this year, as part of the tech giantā€™s biggest recruitment project in... Read more
Chrome Voice Search Coming To Windows, Mac & Linux
If you use Google Chrome as your default internet browser on your desktop computer, the creative geniuses at Google are doing everything they can to make it easier for you to search for things, etc. If you have a fairly recent smartphone with the Google Chrome app, you’re probably... Read more
Opera 18 For Android Released
Opera 18 for Android Brings a New Design and Dedicated Tablet Support with theirĀ  major updateĀ to the Android browser. Opera 18 for Android isnā€™t just a minor bug fix update. The new Opera browser is built on a code base from Chromium 31, so it should be fast and... Read more
Chrome 31 Browser Released
The time has come round once again for Google to release itsĀ latest Chrome Web browser. Ā The new Chrome Stable browser is known officially as Version 31.0.1650.48 and it is available for free to download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame, according to a recent post by Anthony Laforge... Read more
Microsoft Working On Technology To Replace Cookies
Microsoft is developing a new technology to replace cookies.Ā  This work isĀ similar to projects being undertaken by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.Ā  Ā Tracking cookies have come under scrutiny recently from regulators by many concerned about privacy. Certain types of cookies (Third party tracking cookies) are now easily blocked through... Read more
Google Adds Touch-Friendly Features to Chrome
Now that Google has released its own touchscreen Chromebook Pixel and a range of Windows 8 machines, the need for Chrome to have touch features has increased. It would appear that Google have been preparing a number of touch-friendy features for its Chrome browser, after the latest nightly Canary... Read more
Google Rewards Chrome Hacker with $60,000 Payout
How would you like to get paid $60,000 to find something wrong with a product? That is exactly what one teenager did when he discovered an issue with the Chrome browser. Google is one of a growing list of businesses that are offering rewards to people who discover issues... Read more