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Microsoft Slashes Prices on Windows 8.1 Tablets!
Microsoft is making a huge push with some of its Windows 8.1 tablets, both in its online and physical stores, so it might be the best time to get yourself a brand spanking new Windows 8.1 tablet soon. Starting the 24th of this month, the prices of select Windows... Read more
New Malware Infects PC & Connected Phones
Everybody with a cell phone and a laptop have connected the two together to transfer a file or to root the device, or to simply browse the system in a more convenient way.  People in general view this way as the most secure way of transferring files, particularly since... Read more
Google Acquires AI Firm DeepMind For $240 Million
Is the rise of the machines nearly upon us?  It maybe nearer than you think, as Google’s latest acquisition is in line with their recent purchases of seven robotics firms, including Industrial Perception, which specialises in machines that can package goods and Mekabot, which makes humanoid robots.  However, as... Read more
Fly Underwater With Subwing
Not everyone can scuba dive but most people can snorkel. This new device could be about to take snorkelling to the next level. Take a look at the Subwing. Designed by the Norwegian sailing enthusiast, Simon Sivertsen, Subwing has been created to be towed along by a boat, whilst... Read more
Revenge Porn Site Owners Arrested For Theft Of Naked Photos
Two men have been arrested in California for stealing naked phots to post on their revenge porn website. The U.S. authorities made the arrest following an FBI investigation, where it was discovered that the men were hacking in to email accounts, stealing the photos and then loading them on... Read more
Charge Your Phone With A Lightsaber
What¬†Star Wars fan hasn’t wanted to carry around a lightsaber at some point in their life? The elegant weapon of Jedi Knights would be sure to gain the immediate respect of everyone who saw it hanging from your belt. And you could even add to that respect if you... Read more
Man Yanked Out Of Cinema For Wearing Google Glass
A man from Columbus, Ohio recently had a different kind of experience while sitting down to enjoy a movie at one of AMC’s theaters. Somewhere around the one hour mark of¬†Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, officials came out of the shadows and pulled him from his seat. The reason? He... Read more
Virtual Retina Display Smashes Kickstarter Goal In 4 Hours
The head-mounted “personal theatre” designed by Avegant, named Glyph, is the new wearable device that uses a technology which the company calls “Virtual Retina Display”. Glyph is a media-centric device, with high-end headphones and a headband that is capable of transforming in to an immersive display. The Virtual Retina... Read more
Russia is Building An Army Of Drones
How do you envision the world ending? Global warming? Do you see aliens finally coming to take us to the mothership? Maybe you imagine some kind of cataclysmic nuclear warfare? Or, maybe you picture some kind of all out World War 4 where all of the citizens left on... Read more
“Windows 7 is Back” Says HP
HP looks as though it is taking its stand against Windows 8. Over the weekend the company sent its customers emails, informing them that “Windows 7 is back”. The PC making company has launched a new promotion on its website, offering people a saving of $150, if they choose... Read more
The Future Of Cycling: Smart, Hover & Light Up Bikes
At MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, the thoughts of the technologically minded aregeared towards the field of hybrid transport. They have recently designed the¬†Copenhagen Wheel.¬† It¬†is a wireless device that turns any ordinary bicycle into an electronic hybrid. The wheel is designed to capture energy when the rider is going... Read more
The World’s ATMs Are Still Running Microsoft’s Windows XP!
Microsoft is about to make a support change to Windows XP. Unfortunately this means that ATMs all over the world will need to be upgraded and changed. The scary thing is that, according to the largest ATM supplier in the U.S., NCR,¬† 95-percent of the world’s ATMs are powered... Read more
Woman Loses $500,000 On Online Christian Dating Site
There’s an old saying about being ever careful who you decide to give (or lend) your hard-earned money to. This is doubly true if you are giving money to someone you met over an online dating site. One 66 year-old woman from California just recently learned this the hard... Read more
Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens Prototype
Following up on recent news regarding Google meeting with the FDA on a new device, it is understood that a prototype for a smart contact lens, which is designed to help diabetics by monitoring the glucose levels found in the users tears, has been created by Google. Minute sensors monitor users... Read more
Take A Look At The Boeing Plane That Protects The US’s Leaders
Have you ever wondered what would happen to the national leaders of the United States in the event of a nuclear attack? (Or any attack where their lives are in danger?) You’ve probably heard of the President’s plane – Air Force One – and that would definitely keep him... Read more
Facebook Being Sued For Faking Your Likes
Facebook has recently found itself in the center of the news lately and for nothing good. In December of 2013, it was brought out into the open that user’s private Facebook messages might not have been all that private after all. That news alone created quite the firestorm, and... Read more
Research Says Caffeine Will Improve Your Long-Term Memory
I don’t know about you but I cannot function in the morning until I have had my hit of caffeine. Despite my husband trying to convert me to herbal teas, only a good strong coffee will do. Well it seems that I have the last laugh on this one,... Read more
These Solar Glass Orbs Are Super Efficient Energy Generators
Rawlemon is a perfectly spherical glass ball designed by the German architect Andre Broessel and its aim is to make solar power more efficient and less expensive. Broessel wants this type of technology to be available to everyone, no matter where they are. “Our product is democratic,” he says.... Read more