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A Shattered Collection of My Best Memories: An Immediate Solution Thanks to Stellar Photo Recovery

Who doesn’t love creating new memories and saving them as photos on a smartphone, PC, or any other digital media? While many of us share some on social media, we keep the most precious and private ones to ourselves. Sadly, my hard drive of photos became corrupted, which held images…

Super Secure Blackphone Announced
Over the last few years the news and subsequent scandal regarding our private phone conversations and how they weren’t as private as we thought, has defined the way we view our security. To assist us in this ever changing battle, a new smart phone company is planning to launch a security... Read more
Audi Will Make Sure You Never Hit Another Red Light
The great pet peeve of many a driver is nothing other than the red light. Can anyone out there honestly say they enjoy sitting at stoplights and waiting for them to turn green again? And, it never fails – whenever you are in a hurry, you are bound to... Read more
Windows 9 Will Be Here April 2015 Says Microsoft
The rumours are in: Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows 9 around April 2015 but will announce the release at its Build 2014 developer conference. This will be part of the company’s Threshold plans, says Paul Thurrott, all part of the many updates expected from Microsoft. Although we don’t... Read more
Microsoft Kills Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP
I think that by now, practically everyone has come to terms with the fact that we have to say goodbye to Windows XP. Starting August 2014, Microsoft will stop all support for Windows XP, forcing existing users to use more updated versions of the OS. Even with the pressure... Read more
Samsung Planning To Release The S5 By April
Samsung has announced that it will be releasing a Galaxy S5 smartphone around April. It will also unveil a second generation Gear smartwatch, which will have improved features and design. Lee Young Hee, executive vice president for the mobile sector of the business told Bloomberg in an interview: “We’ve... Read more
Turn Your iPhone Into A Thermal Imaging Camera
Here is a little something from CES 2014 that will satisfy the James Bond within us all. FLIR, which would normally sell its thermal imaging technology to the military, has been able to shrink the tech so that it fits into an iPhone 5 case – turning your phone... Read more
Sony Joins Smartglass Fray With Sony Smart Eyeglass
What did we say about this year’s CES? Wearable tech is going to be big, and it seems that every pundit who took on this position is being proven correct. While many consumers seem to be fixated on smartwatches, we really can’t turn a blind eye on another piece... Read more
Intel Debuts SD Card-Sized Computer
Intel has just unveiled Edison. A new computer which is housed inside an SD card, which has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and it can support multiple operating systems. Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, has said the goal of Edison is to give wearable tech manufacturers a go-to option when they need a... Read more
UAE Says US Backdoors Found In Spy Satellites
The United Arab Emirates has allegedly discovered 2 ‘security compromising components’ supplied by the US, in military satellites provided by the French.  The UAE has reportedly threatened to cancel a 3.4 billion dirhams (£570m) deal to purchase 2 military satellites from France over claims that 2 US-supplied components compromise the security... Read more
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Rescued From Ecuador
How did you spend your New Year’s Day? I’d bet that you had a better experience than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Actually, Bezos is having a pretty rough start to the year 2014. On January 1st, as he was aboard a cruise ship vacationing in the Galapagos Islands in... Read more
Corning’s Gorilla Glass Kills Germs
During CES 2014 US firm Corning announced that its Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is now ready for orders. This special touchscreen glass contains ionic silver, a substance which has been known to fight germs for over 100 years. Corning said that the glass can combat bacteria and fungi, with the... Read more
Sony Sirius To Have 20MP Camera
In recent years, companies have given their new secret weapons codenames to shroud the products in more mystery.  There has been many rumours about some of the codenames for upcoming Sony devices and now there has been some information being bantered about regarding some of the specs for the... Read more
Flexible Chip Can Be Wrapped Around A Human Hair
Scientists are clever people aren’t they?  They research and develop all kinds of wonderful tech for use in the real world by people like you and me.  I have no idea how this next innovation will be used but the possibilities are going to be far reaching, from medical... Read more
Nvidia Uses A Crop Circle To Launch its New Processor
The graphics technology company Nvidia has unveiled its new Tegra 5 mobile processor named the Tegra K1, which is hoped will bring a PC-gaming experience to smartphones and tablets. This replaces the Tegra 4 processor, which was released last year. CEO for Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, said at a press... Read more
Google Glass Now Available to All Access Subscribers
The Google Glass device has, up until now, only been made available to a selected few individuals.  All that is about to change, as Google has just opened up its Glass Explorers programme to subscribers of its All Access music streaming service. The worlds biggest search engine company has... Read more