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UK Government Hit Back At Anonymous With DDoS
According to documents supplied by Edward Snowden to NBC news, the UK government have attacked hacktivist groups including Anonymous, using DDoS attacks.  The distributed denial of service or DDoS attack as it is more commonly known, is the same process of attack used by hacktivists in online attacks. Anonymous... Read more
Aston Martin Forced To Recall 75% Of Cars From 2007 On
There are small problems for vehicle manufacturers, and then there are big problems. Aston Martin is currently facing a pretty big one. Just how big, you ask? Well, they have to recall 75% of their vehicles that were made between the years 2007 and 2014. It turns out that... Read more
Google’s World Domination Plan
If you have been following Google recently you will have noticed how the company seems to snapping up every robotics company and intelligence system in sight. Just in the last few months, Google has acquired Nest, the company responsible for making the smart thermostat, as well as Boston Dynamics,... Read more
Stealth Drone Successfully Tested
It has been announced that a top-secret stealth drone has carried out its first successful set of test flights.  The Taranis project, named after the Celtic god of thunder, was recently billed by military leaders as the most technologically advanced aircraft ever built in the United Kingdom. The project... Read more
Image Leaked Of Samsung’s Windows 8.1 Phone
An image leaked on Evleaks, shows what looks like the new Samsung Huron Windows Phone, sparking rumours that Verizon is gearing up to launch not just the 5-inch Nokia Lumia Icon Windows Phone, but also a Samsung Windows Phone 8.1. Looking at the image, the handset does have a... Read more
World’s First 3D-Printed Titanium Bike
3D printing isn’t just for making random plastic cogs and sprockets, as the guys over at Empire Cycles have discovered.  They have designed and created the MX-6 prototype.  It is a third lighter than a normal metal bike frame and four times stronger than the most rigorous testing demands. ... Read more
IBM Researchers Make A Breakthrough In Graphene Technology
IBM researchers have been demonstrating the amazing capabilities of a wafer-scale graphene material that could radically change electronics. Branded as the “wonder material”, the researchers have been able to use graphene in creating the most advanced integrated circuit. This has the potential to allow mobile devices to transmit data... Read more
iPhone 5C Sets on Fire in School Girl’s Pocket
There have been previous reports of iPhones causing death due to battery charging issues but the latest story comes from a 14-year old school girl, whose iPhone 5c set on fire in her pocket. The Morning Sentinel reports how the school girl from Kennebunk, Maine had to be treated... Read more
Drones Are Mapping The Globe For New Game
A new game development studio called Pixyul, is currently using drones to map the whole planet for a new game in development.   The developers behind ReRoll are trying to recreate a real world experience, by using drones to map the planet, so that the game environment is as close... Read more
How Will The iWatch Be Powered?
The New York Times has reported that Apple is testing alternative ways to power its much awaited iWatch, in a bid to overcome the constraints of normal battery life. One method Apple is rumoured to be exploring is charging the battery wirelessly by the means of magnetic induction. This... Read more
New Microsoft CEO Nadella Declares Focus: Software For Mobile & Cloud
In spite of all the speculation surrounding the next Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella did come out the victor. I’m not sure if bets on the side were made regarding this, but if you were part of one and put your money on Nadella, then you’re probably one very happy... Read more
Sony Smartwatch 2 Special Edition To Come in FIFA Colours
The latest piece of wearable tech from Sony; the SmartWatch 2 has been available to buy for some time now and with Pebble releasing their fresh and eye-catching Pebble Steel model, it seems only fair that Sony produce a couple more interesting options to the market.  A retailer in... Read more
Look Less Of A “Glasshole” in New Google Glass Designs
Google has made a change to its Google Glass device to make you look, well, less of a “glasshole”. The company has released four new frame designs which include: Bold, Curve, Thin and Split. The range has been named the Titanium Collection and actually look more like a normal... Read more
Insects’ Nervous Systems Inspire Neuromorphic Supercomputers
According to reports from researchers, microchips that have been built to mimic an insect’s nervous system have proved to be successful at helping solve technical issues such as object recognition and data mining. Biomimetics is nothing new, with scientists copying various designs from nature and applying them in designs... Read more
Estately: The App That Helps You Find A New Home
If you are in the very fortunate position to be able to afford to move home, then there is a fair chance you would like to browse for your future pad using your iPhone. And online real estate company Estately is all about getting you into your new place... Read more
NYFD Uses Algorithm to Prevent New York Fires
Firefighters have pretty much responded to fires much the same way over the years. They get a call in the middle of the day (or whenever) and they pull on their gear and get in the firetruck to put out the flames. Then they return to the station and... Read more
14,000 Volts Of Electricity Left This Man’s Cataracts Looking Like Stars
This pair of starry eyes belong to an electrician who was exposed to a 14,000-volt electric shock to his left shoulder. The lastest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, has published the account of how this man was left with “bilateral stellate anterior subcapsular opacities of the... Read more
Stratasys Unveils Multi Material 3D Printer
A multi-material 3D printer that can print in a wide range of colours has been unveiled in San Diego.  The model has been unveiled recently by the manufacturers of the Makerbot series of printers, Stratasys at the SolidWorks World trade show. According to the printing company, the new 3D printer... Read more