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Delivery Drones Are On Their Way… Again
Zipline’s delivery drones may be fastest and most capable in the world. In 1993, the state of Alabama was hit by a winter superstorm. Called on its Wikipedia page “the storm of the century,” the infamous Blizzard of ’93 as it’s called was essentially a hurricane that dropped snow... Read more
Cyclists Need Beacons So Self Driving Cars Will See Them
An industry expert has warned that in the future cyclists will have to be equipped with ‘bicycle to vehicle’ beacons so that they will be ‘visible’ to  autonomous vehicles. Giving a keynote speech at the Symposium on the Future Networked Car, 2018, – a part of the Geneva Motor... Read more
IBM Builds Computer The Size Of A Grain Of Salt
And it costs less than 10 cents to make! IBM has unveiled what it says is the world’s smallest computer. Each of the new computers will be roughly the size of a grain of salt, and each one will cost less than 10 US cents to make. But no-one is... Read more
Third-Parties Can Now Control Google Assistant
Google allows its Assistant voice commands to be customized. Fans of Google’s in-home virtual assistant will be impressed with a new feature that will allow the Assistant device to interact better with smart devices. Thanks to the new functionality, users can tell their devices to follow commands that operate things... Read more
New Round Of Toyota Investment In Self-Driving Cars
Car maker invests $2.8 billion into autonomous vehicle software. In the ongoing race to put self-driving cars on the roads, a number of automakers have invested heavily in new technology, teams of innovators, and factory lines that will create these new vehicles. Now, one of the major automakers in the... Read more
Something Funny, Alexa? Amazon Says No.
Spooky spontaneous laugh freaks out Alexa users. Terminator-style self-awareness jokes have abounded on the internet this week thanks to a glitch with Amazon’s Alexa home virtual assistant device. According to multiple users, their Alexas have begun randomly laughing maniacally, without provocation or request. To fight back against what has... Read more
Latest SpaceX Launch Brings New Innovation
Satellites are part of Musk’s Starlink project to connect the world. Elon Musk’s privately held space program SpaceX made worldwide headlines only a short time ago for the launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket. Apart from the incredible innovation behind redirecting its boosters to individual launch pads and a... Read more
Chinese Police Using Facial Recognition Glasses To Identify Criminals
Police using cutting-edge tech to catch criminals and monitor commuters. As the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday began last week and millions of Chinese journeyed home for the occasion, at one particular train station in the Henan Province travellers were met by the sight of police wearing sunglasses equipped... Read more
Apple Gives Private Demo Of Self-Driving Tech
Apple’s AI team gives researchers a sneak peek at several driving projects. We’re used to Apple product launches and demos having all the look and feel of a top-billing rock star event, but the company has a lot more going on than that. At times, Apple stages invite-only, industry-only... Read more
Google Pixel Buds To Surpass AirPods In Connectivity
The race between the two tech giants for seamless headphone pairing continues. Apple and Google have both taken on the wireless headphone space with a Bluetooth-connected feature on their latest phones, but both products have similarities and striking differences. In the race to get rid of the wire–although Google’s... Read more
Apple Watch Helped Red Sox ‘Cheat’
Boston baseball team accused of using tech to beat New York Yankees.  Major league baseball  – like mot other professional sports – has its ups and downs when it comes to scandals, but this one might be the most ridiculous one since the infamous New England Patriots “deflategate” fiasco. The... Read more
Alexa, Open Cortana: Microsoft And Amazon To Integrate Cortana and Alexa
Tech giants announce first-of-its-kind collaboration. “Alexa has made a new friend,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted to announce a major collaboration between the two tech giants. So it turns out, both Amazon and Microsoft have been working together for the last 12 months to make Alexa and Cortana BFFs.... Read more
Google Glass Returns, Marketed Exclusively for Business
Alphabet’s Google smart glasses, Google Glass have returned, and it turns out they never really went away… But this time instead of attempting to sell it to the consumer market, the tech giant are selling it directly to industry and business calculating that the new ‘Glass Enterprise Edition’ with... Read more
Hacking The Hoverboard Through A Security Flaw
Number of vulnerabilities found by IOActive security researcher.  Connected devices are a double-edged sword these days. The added convenience and functionality has to be weighed against the security concerns associated with unsecured networks and hacking. One researcher has just discovered that the latest vulnerable tech comes from high-end hoverboards... Read more
Facebook Drone Completes Test Flight
Wi-Fi hotspot drone could bring global internet access to millions. Facebook execs have celebrated the successful launch of their massive Wi-Fi hotspot drone, which crashed during the previous flight. The successful test flight is a major step toward Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s goal of being able to beam internet... Read more
Sony Sells More Than 1 Million PlayStation VR Headsets
Sales of PlayStation virtual reality headsets exceed expectations. President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Atsushi Morita said sales had “exceeded…expectations”, and were continuing to grow, since hitting the market last October. “I believe that VR technology is the greatest innovation since the birth of television. VR allows you to travel... Read more
Microsoft Reveals New Xbox One X Console
New console the most powerful – and most expensive – in the world. Microsoft has unveiled its latest games console, imaginatively titled, the Xbox One X, ahead of this year’s E3 2017 event.  Previously known under the name “Project Scorpio,” news of the Xbox One X was first confirmed... Read more
Apple Launches VA Music Speaker HomePod
HomePod combines Apple Music and natural voice interaction with Siri. As consumers, we can argue that a lot of the “new” technology launched in competitive retail isn’t really all that new. Certainly some eye-opening innovations come along every few years – many of us still remember the first time we held... Read more