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Just How Handy Is Amazon’s Echo?
I know what you’re thinking…how useful is this little gadget? It’s basically just another voice-activated doohickey to clutter up your bookshelf and therefore your life, right? Not so fast. Echo not only comes with built-in functionalities that are intended to make life easier for the user, but also comes... Read more
Crazy Kickstarters That Will Have You Going For Your Wallet
You only thought our lives couldn’t get any better with the invention of the self-driving car, the tablet computer, and a phone more powerful than the computers your high school had for typing and business classes. Just to prove that there are no limits to the innovation Man is... Read more
iPhone 6S Plus Might Feature Force Touch
Apple’s latest touch trick is a new ‘Force Touch’ mechanism. Instead of taking every tap as a tap, Force Touch allows Apple to create different functions for the speed of the tap, the length of the tap and the force of the tap. This opens up a whole new... Read more
Google Nexus Player Hits the UK
The Asus-made Nexus Player from Google is an Android-powered console that has been designed to run games and media apps, such as Netflix, from the Google Play store. The console comes with a Bluetooth remote with voice search. If you want to you can also spend some extra cash... Read more
Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Seen Flying Over France
Oliver C. is at it again! The creative YouTuber who spends some of his spare time creating Star Wars “skins” for his drones has come up with another design from a galaxy far, far away. In the past, he’s given us the Millennium Falcon, the Tie Interceptor, and now, perhaps better... Read more
Make Any Display A Chrome OS Computer With Chromebit
Google and Asus have recently announced two new products: the Chromebook Flip and the Chromebit. Both come with new form factors for Google’s web-based platform Chrome OS. In the past year Chrome OS has seen huge growth in the education market, alongside personal users grabbing the low-cost netbook. Google... Read more
Driver Follows His GPS Off Bridge, Wife Killed
My wife frequently tells me I depend on my GPS more often than I should, and she may have a point. (Not that I’d ever admit it to her face). I do use it quite a bit, and I even use it around town when I mostly know where I’m... Read more
Awesome 3D Printed Products That Changed Everything
From the first prototypes for 3D printing to the home models that crafty mompreneurs have begun snapping up, 3D printing has morphed from a “wouldn’t it be cool if” wave of the future to an “I guess that’s kind of neat that you made a cookie cutter in the... Read more
Amazon Testing Drones In Canada
Amazon’s plans are to one day use delivery drones to deliver packages to people around the world. They’ve even gone through several stages of development for their drones, but haven’t had too much luck with the FAA. With the testing rules as governed by the FAA, Amazon would be... Read more
Electric Smartscooter Arrives In Taiwan
Gogoro is preparing to launch its electric Smartscooter in Taiwan this summer, coming to Taipei City and Greater Taipei City first with an expansion to more cities in the near future. The Smartscooter features a whole new system for charging. Customers subscribe to an electric battery supply dotted throughout... Read more
You Can Now Buy A Back To The Future Hoverboard
The Back to the Future movies are some of my favourite films of all time, and I especially love the second installment of the trilogy. It served to introduce us to some amazing technology from the future, including Marty McFly’s Nike Power Laces and of course it gave us the... Read more
Apple Watch Stores Opening in London, Tokyo & Paris
Apple has invested in a range of markets outside of the normal technology scope in the past few years, including healthcare, electric cars and luxury fashion. The latter is the subject of the next big launch, the Apple Watch. The company is currently reformatting the retail experience to match... Read more
3X Zoom Vision With New Telescopic Contact Lens
Researchers in Switzerland are currently working on a contact lenses that is capable of zooming in and out with a wink of the eye. The field of contact lens research is not new and there are some big players involved in this kind of research. Google scientists have made “smart”... Read more
Samsung and SRI Team Up To Manufacture Iris Recognition Devices
Security is an ever increasing issue amongst today’s data-centric world. Everyone needs some form of security in order to keep their personal details safe. There are innumerable password generators, password managers, biometric fingerprint scanners and other security devices such as these. You may, like me, own an iPhone that... Read more
Google Has Made A Tablet In Fight Against Ebola
If you are a health worker in Sierra Leone, then most days are not going to be good ones. The Ebola epidemic is still very much a grave situation. The disease has already claimed approximately 10,000 lives globally and it is looking as though the crisis is not going... Read more
Man Creates Flying Speeder Bike From Star Wars
Growing up, I loved playing with toys (Who didn’t?). Besides Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, my other favorites belonged to the Star Wars universe. I can’t even tell you how many action figures I had from a galaxy far, far away. I had several versions of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo,... Read more
Pebble Time Reaches $20 Million On Kickstarter
Pebble Time has reached $20 million in funding with a few hours to go, managing to double the original Pebble Kickstarter launched in 2012. It is the largest crowdfunded project ever on Kickstarter, surpassing Coolest Cooler by $6.7 million. Pebble is one of the largest companies to still use... Read more
Teen Killed By Train While Wearing Headphones
It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love music, and the louder it is the better it sounds to me. (Maybe that’s because I’ve slowly gone partly deaf from all the concerts I’ve attended and loud music I’ve listened to over the years.) Seriously, though –... Read more