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Beware The Global Domination Of Virtual Assistants
Virtual assistants will surpass human population by 2021. Okay, we promise… no Will Smith I, Robot references. Well, maybe just a couple. A new report has brought us to the precipice of the dystopian sci-fi future in which fragile humans are easily bested – and vastly outnumbered – by... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Flying Cars Might Just Happen After All
The stuff of fantasy for decades, are flying cars to become reality at last? It’s easy to think that our fascination with flying cars is a recent phenomenon. However, way back in 1940, Henry Ford famously predicted: “Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may... Read more
Zuckerberg: Facebook Didn’t Steal VR Tech From Rival
CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies allegations Facebook stole Oculus VR tech from rival Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied allegations that Facebook stole its Oculus virtual reality technology from a rival firm when he took the witness stand in a Dallas courtroom. Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc. claim that Oculus... Read more
Easyjet Takeoff Issue Due To Faulty Software
This one is definitely for those of us who like to right click-copy four or five times, just to make sure our “untrustworthy” computers won’t accidentally paste the previous thing we copied. An Easyjet takeoff issue has been thoroughly investigated and found to be a software issue. Investigators discovered... Read more
Google Ends Internet Drone Project Titan
Google, or rather Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has quietly confirmed that it closed its internet drone project, ‘Titan’, in early 2016 – a mere two years after it competed with and outbid Facebook to buy the business. Project Titan was an ambitious solar-powered drone program, whereby an unmanned glider... Read more
Fitbit Launches Software At CES
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) continues in Las Vegas, much to the delight of basically anyone who has access to electricity. Even if you’re not an avid watcher of the live stream presentations and minute-by-minute social media updates from reporters on the scene, your life is very likely to be impacted... Read more
Uber’s Self-Driving Dreams Are On Hold
What could possibly be better than “hiring” a global team of contractors to drive passengers for your company while not actually paying them as your employees? Getting rid of them altogether. At least, that seems to be the ideal now that Uber has launched its self-driving car project. Think... Read more
Word From Our Editor: CUJO, The Next Big Thing In Cyber Protection
Every now and then a new piece of tech comes along that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, wow, I need this in my life! CUJO is definitely one such piece of tech. Simply put, CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home (or... Read more
The Next Big Wave In 3D Printing: Software
There’s little doubt that 3D printing technology is innovative and amazing…and just plain cool…but there’s also very little doubt that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the applications for the technology. With full-fledged printing labs that are generating artificial limbs all the way down to local... Read more
Software Error Responsible For Mars Lander Crash (Probably)
Scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA) are now thinking that the cause of last week’s Schiaparelli lander crash and destruction, was more than likely down to a computer glitch than some form of catastrophic mechanical failure. Anyone in any doubt of the fate of the ExoMars lander only... Read more
Nest Just Got Smarter…And Creepier
Google re-acquired its own Nest thermostat back from its parents company, Alphabet, earlier this year (it makes sense if you don’t overthink it), and already the innovations are rolling out. The latest change to the company’s smart-home product line? More intuitive software powering the security cameras, which stop alerting... Read more
Google Home Is A Game Changer…Sort Of
“Siri, give me directions to the stadium.” “Hey Cortana, what time is the movie playing?” “Alexa, turn up the lights.” When it comes to voice-activated virtual assistants, there are a few top dogs that are not only meeting tech consumers’ every whim (sort of), they’re also helping to build... Read more
Ed Tech: Screen Readers For Visually Impaired Students
Technology was supposed to be one of the great equalizers in education, specifically in the realm of providing digital textbooks, distance learning opportunities, and other initiatives to outlying and impoverished schools. Distance and funding obstacles were supposed to be stripped away by the ability to connect to a classroom... Read more
The First Humans On Mars May Not Be Human
In the robotics sphere, the long-awaited humanoid robots of Hollywood lore never materialized. They’re needlessly top-heavy, their arms’ reach is limited by how long they can be in relation to the torso, and the necessary balance to keep them from falling over was a waste of technology. Therefore, the... Read more
Google: Software, Browsers, and the Android Watch
There’s a reason Google is everywhere, and it’s not just a bottomless bank account and an endless talent pool of techxperts vying to work for them. Largely, the thing that has made Google so exhaustively far-reaching is its ability to look past proprietary boundaries and reach out to new... Read more
Cortana Is Coming To Android And iOS
It’s official:  Microsoft is releasing Cortana Voice Assistant to both Android and iPhone. Both platforms will get an app that will help you keep your life organized. With features like dictating reminders and keeping track of flights, the app will heavily resemble much of what is seen on the... Read more
Top eReading Apps For Your Mobile Device
As if smartphones weren’t already smart enough, one of the best things about them is the ability to find a great book to read while you’re waiting in line, taking the train home from work, or otherwise just passing the time. But before you think you’re stuck with just... Read more
One Million Apple Watch Pre-Orders In First 24 Hours
The Apple Watch launch might not have been greeted with the usual commodity of fans at the doors, but it looks like online the first-generation smartwatch is pulling some good sales numbers. Data measurement firm Slice Intelligence claims Apple sold just shy of one million Apple Watch units in... Read more