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Google Sued For Allegedly Tracking Phones Regardless Of Privacy Settings 
Google is being sued for tracking mobile devices even when users have asked them not to. The Lawsuit alleges that Google is illegally tracking the movements of millions of iPhone and Android phone users even if they think their privacy settings have been set to prevent it. The plaintiff’s... Read more
Google Wages Internal War Over China Censorship Project
Google prepares for return to China by building a censored search engine, much to some employees’ outrage. Google has been at work on a version of its search engine that will meet the strict standards of the Chinese government, but new reports from the internet giant show that some... Read more
Tech Companies Fighting Conspiracy Theorists
Alex Jones, highly vocal founder and ringmaster of conspiracy theory “journalism” site Infowars, has taken to the various online airwaves to fight back against what he feels is censorship and a violation of his freedom of speech. The issue in question is the multiple-platform ban of many of his... Read more
Google Play Store Bans Crypto-Mining Apps And Cleans Up Others
Google has followed up on earlier announcements to further regulate apps available from its Play Store by banning cryptocurrency mining apps, and making a plethora of other prohibitions in other genres including those with disruptive advertising, sexual content in childrens apps, and those that purport to facilitate the selling... Read more
Google’s High Altitude Loon Project Takes Off In Kenya 
Google subsidiary company Loon has revealed that it has signed a deal with the Kenyan government to bring high speed internet access to remote and rural areas of Kenya using hot air balloons…  Loon have partnered with Telkom Kenya to bring connectivity to areas of Kenya that aren’t currently covered by mobile networks.  Google’s high-altitude balloons were originally developed as... Read more
EU Fines Google $5 billion Over Android Antitrust Violations 
Fine is second multi billion levy by EU against Google in less than a year.   The penalty follows a major investigation over Android dominance of how Google links its Google Search and Chrome operations on Android devices.   Technically speaking, the European Union have issued a $5.06 billion fine against Alphabet, Google’s parent company for the alleged abusive dominance... Read more
After Facebook And Twitter Crackdown, Nazis Move to Google Plus
Neo Nazis and other closely associated extremists surge to Google Plus with some ‘plus’ communities having hundreds or thousands of followers in their circles. At least somebody’s still using it? News has emerged this week, that following a severe crackdown by mainstream social media outlets such as Facebook and... Read more
New EU GDPR Rules All But Ends Unsolicited Email Marketing in Europe, and Everywhere Else
Europe’s new rules on data have had a devastating effect on businesses that rely on email marketing, according to a new report just published by CNBC. The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hasn’t even been in effect for a month, but according to the newly published... Read more
Tech Industry Takes A Stand On Immigrant Separation
Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Tesla, and YouTube are among those weighing in. When it comes to the political sphere, the business sector plays an obvious role. After all, the decisions made in the halls of government have an impact on the ways businesses operate. But several tech... Read more
Students Use Google Machine Learning To Predict California Wild Fires
Two students came together with a shared aim of creating a permanent solution to wildfire prediction and prevention. OK, so while news for big-tech in recent times has turned them from heroes into super villains, it’s important to remember that they do some good as well, and two students... Read more
France And Germany To Fund EU Startups To Compete Against Global Tech Heavyweights
Fears that the EU is lagging behind China and USA in developing its own technology companies has raised calls for Europe to invest in its own potential. Both France and Germany have begun pushing for an EU-wide initiative to help fund innovation and research in technology start-ups across the... Read more
Google’s “Internet-First” City Planning
Google plans to build a city that starts with the internet In many cities, add-ons like internet networks are secondary to other public utilities like water, electricity, and sewage. Left to the private business sector to contract with customers in order to provide the service, not many cities incorporate... Read more
Google Drops ‘Don’t Be Evil’ From Code Of Conduct
News has emerged that Google’s famous “Don’t Be Evil” motto seems to have been quietly removed from its code of conduct. Instead the phrase,which used to appear several times throughout Google’s code of conduct seems to have been replaced by rather more vague and ambiguous terms like “ethical business... Read more
Google Chrome To Remove ‘Secure’ Label From HTTPS Sites
Google has announced that it will shortly begin to phase out the green lock “Secure” indicator next to URLs on Chrome. According to Google, it’s no longer so important you know which web pages are secured by HTTPS, but that you know which ones are not. Essentially, Google’s new approach... Read more
Google’s IoT Platform Android ‘Things’ Out Of Beta And Free For All Developers
Google goes all in to try and steal back market share from competitors. Google says it’s developer platform for Internet-Of-Things (IoT) devices, ‘Android Things‘ is now out of beta and version 1.0 is free to be downloaded. In a bid to attract as many developers and hardware manufacturers as possible,... Read more
Alphabet’s Sergey Brin Claims Tech Must Take Greater Responsibility
Tech industry ccan no longer hide behind its ‘wide-eyed and idealistic’ attitude. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google and president of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has said that both the plethora of tech companies he owns, and the tech industry in general, must assume a greater sense of social responsibility... Read more
Google Says No To Cryptomining Add Ons
End announced to all cryptocurrency mining extensions in Chrome Web Store. Google has announced an end to all cryptomining extensions in its Chrome Web Store after a slew of other extensions were discovered to have cryptomining capabilities. The issue, which stems from the company’s extensions function policy, allowed developers... Read more
Self-Driving Trucks Expanding In US
Waymo and Google launch self-driving truck pilot project in Atlanta. The next time you’re out on a long, boring drive along a US highway, here’s a fun little game you can play: peek into the windows of any 18-wheelers nearby and see if there’s someone driving them or not.... Read more