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Court Rules Google Must Block Some Search Results
Canada’s Supreme Court ruling latest blow for Google. In the same week that the Alphabet subsidiary was fined a record breaking $2.4bn by European regulators, Canada’s Supreme court ruled that Canadian based courts do have the power to force Google to remove search results worldwide. The possibly groundbreaking ruling... Read more
Google Launches ‘Funding Choices’ Ad Blocker Option
Search giant says move is part of its efforts to ‘maintain a sustainable web for everyone’. Google’s ‘Funding Choices’, which launches in multiple markets and countries in the coming weeks, will let users decide: turn off your ad blocker or make a small payment to the site. If you’ve... Read more
Google’s AlphaGo Retires From Beating Human Players
AI bows-out after comprehensively defeating the world’s greatest human Go players. The AlphaGo Artificial Intelligence developed by Alphabet (Google) owned DeepMind, beat Chinese grand-master Ke Jie 3 games to 0 at the Future of Go Summit in the Wuhzen province of China earlier this month. Ke Jie was merely the... Read more
Google Adds ‘Fact Check’ Flag To Search Results
New independently-verified ‘Fact Check’ tool added to news and search results. In response to the rise of ‘fake news’, Google has begun displaying fact-checking labels in search results highlighting news and information that has been independently quantified and vetted by third party fact checking organisations. ‘With thousands of new articles published... Read more
Google Invests Heavily In Canada For AI Lab
Google Brain setting sights on ever-increasing tech talent pool in Toronto. AI has been a longtime dream that is finally coming into its own, thanks largely to 21st century computer innovations and a better understanding of how the human brain works. The bygone era of “what if” 1960s and beyond... Read more
Google And Microsoft To Relegate Piracy Search Results In The UK
Two of the world’s leading search engines, Google and Bing have pledged to make it harder for internet users to find pirated content. Both Google and Microsoft have entered the voluntary agreement with the British government that will see their respective search engines make piracy websites harder to find... Read more
Facebook And Google Join With French Media To Fight ‘Fake News’
Google and Facebook have announced partnership ahead of French presidential elections in April. Both Facebook and Google will work with French media brands to fact check and flag hoaxes, conspiracy theories or propaganda; more commonly referred to as “fake news”, in a move that mirrors similar efforts already under way in the... Read more
US Judge Rules Google Must Hand Over Foreign Emails
A top U.S. judge has ruled that Google, unlike Microsoft, must comply with FBI search warrants for emails held on its servers outside the United States. The decision diverges from a federal appeals court that came to an opposite conclusion in a similar case involving Microsoft. The law that... Read more
UC Browser For Windows: Like Chrome, With Extras
UC Browser is and has been one of the most popular mobile browsers for Android for quite a few years now and has garnered a reputation for being a fast and reliable browser. But the Chromium based browser is also available for Windows, and if anything, it’s better than... Read more
Former Google VP Hugo Barra returning to Silicon Valley
Google’s ex VP of Android product to leave Chinese phone maker Xiaomi How times have changed… When a major executive in an international tech company was leaving a post, the news used to be shared with formal press releases issued to major news outlets. Instead, Hugo Barra chose to... Read more
Google Ends Internet Drone Project Titan
Google, or rather Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has quietly confirmed that it closed its internet drone project, ‘Titan’, in early 2016 – a mere two years after it competed with and outbid Facebook to buy the business. Project Titan was an ambitious solar-powered drone program, whereby an unmanned glider... Read more
2016: A Retrospective From My Point Of View
So, that’s it, 2016 is pretty much over and 2017 is fast approaching. But before this year is finally gone and buried, I thought I might take the time to review the news stories of the year that caught my eye. A lot happened this year, and while not... Read more
Google’s Top Searches Of 2016
Google, and what we as a species looked for from the World Wide Web in 2016… You may be surprised, but then again you probably won’t! Every year the Google search engine processes trillion of search requests using its custom-built algorithms. And last Wednesday the Californian based Mountain View company... Read more
Google Pixel Suffering From Audio Software Issues
The launch of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone were a lengthy and much-anticipated process, but like a few other hardware innovations from the company, this one may be falling a little short of the hype. Namely, a number of users have indicated an audio problem with the phone’s... Read more
Employee Sues Google Over Illegal Confidentiality Policies
Well, here’s some Christmas cheer for you. Google is being sued by one of its employee’s over internal confidentiality policies which ban employees from writing about workplace concerns. According to information available at the time of writing, the lawsuit alleges that Google’s confidentiality policies are illegal under Californian state law.... Read more
Google Engages With Cuba In Internet Deal
Google has signed an agreement with the Cuban government giving the small communist-governed island faster internet access. As part of the new deal, Google will install its own servers in Cuba to vastly improve connection speeds to both Google services such as Gmail and YouTube, but also the internet... Read more
Google Data Centres Will Be 100% Renewables Powered In 2017
Google has confirmed that it will make good on its 2015 promise to go as green as it can go. The company has said it will hit its target of offsetting 100% of the energy used at its data centres and offices against power from renewable sources, and will... Read more
Google Launches OSS-Fuzz In Beta
Software experts and open source advocates are applauding Google’s latest “make the world better” offering, its OSS-Fuzz tool. Still in beta, OSS-Fuzz is already a game changer in helping debug open source software with almost instantaneous results, allowing developers to pop back into their code, make an adjustment, and... Read more