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Tech Giant Google Increases ‘Right To Be Forgotten.”
Google has said it will now hide more content that has been removed from its ‘right to be forgotten.’ The new decision will apply to all versions of the tech giants search engine results when viewed from countries that have approved the removal. Previously, the ‘right to be forgotten,’... Read more
Google Sets Date For End Of Flash Based Adverts
As of the 2nd of January, 2017, Google will no longer display adverts made with the Adobe Flash plugin, and from June this year, Google will stop accepting adverts made with Flash. Ad makers will now have to use HTML5 for animations in adverts if they want to use... Read more
Google Thinks Its AI Software Can Beat The Best
Computer’s have come a long way since Pong, and an even longer way since the early chess programs with their lo-res graphics and monochromatic color schemes that made game play difficult. But the term “playing against the computer” hasn’t had this much importance since chessmaster Kasperov lost to IBM’s... Read more
“Safe” Browsing Just Got Safer
Despite decades of widespread existence (and even more years of basically military-only use before that), the internet is still a veritable Wild West playground. The unfortunate fact is that a lot of the issues that come up for users stem from a segment of the online population who doesn’t... Read more
Alphabet (Google) Becomes World’s Richest Company
Alphabet, the parent company of Google (ahem) has surprised many industry commentators by becoming the world’s most valuable company after a report has revealed its latest earnings. According to the report, Alphabet made a profit of $4.9bn for the fourth quarter of last year, and Alphabet is now worth $568... Read more
Microsoft Cloud Grows Bigger But Still Not The Biggest
Microsoft missed the industry bandwagon shift to mobile, and its latest forecast has seen its profit margin fall by 15%, but strong growth and a relentless push toward Cloud services has seen the Redstone based company share price soar.   Microsoft’s cloud business, which includes products such as its... Read more
200 Wikipedia Editors Back Vote Of No Confidence
Nearly 200 Wikipedia editors have taken an unheard of move and have called for a new member of the Wikimedia Foundation board of directors to be tossed out, by publicly backing a vote of no confidence in the new trustee. With so many Wikipedia editors disgruntled at the apparent lack of foresight... Read more
Google Paid $1 Billion To Be Apple default iOS Search Engine
Court transcripts leaked to the web last week have revealed that Google allegedly paid Apple $1 billion to become the default search engine of choice for the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser. The figure relates to the amount of money Google handed over in 2014 to gain the... Read more
Ex Firefox Boss Releases Open Source Ad-Blocking Web Browser In Brave Move
The newly released web browser Brave claims to be ad-free but how true is that? Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla, and also the inventor of JavaScript has unleashed his new brainchild on the internet; an ad-free web browser that automatically blocks tracking cookies, and promises a faster,... Read more
Nest Software Glitch Deactivated Users’ Thermostats
With the recent winter heat wave in much of the US safely behind us, now’s the time for all the social media posts complaining about the bitter cold. But the reality of winter set in accidentally for Nest users, many of whom awoke to find the heat shut off... Read more
AVG Chrome Extension “Web TuneUp” Put 9 Million users at risk
The free Chrome browser extension, ‘Web TuneUp’ made and installed by Netherlands based AVG Antivirus has been unveiled as potentially security threat. Over 9 million AVG users were exposed to the bug. The recently discovered vulnerability may have allowed the personal data and browsing history of its users to be... Read more
What Google Saw During Its Year In Search: Mostly Violent, and no Kim Kardashian
Google has released its annual Year In Search. Well, its either been a good year or a bad year depending on how 2015 went for you. For me it was pretty good all in. It was my first full year of being self employed as a fulltime freelancing digital... Read more
Yahoo To Warn Users Who Are Targeted By State-Sponsored Hackers
Yahoo is to begin warning users if they become the  targets of state-sponsored hackers. The company has become the latest Tech firm, behind Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to warn users of state attacks. “We’ll provide these specific notifications so that our users can take appropriate measures to protect their... Read more
Ordinary Computers Will Be Safe From Quantum Computer Hacking
German research engineers have successfully managed to develop what they think will protect regular computers from the future danger of Quantum computer hacker attacks. The scientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) are in the middle of working toward the practical application of current technology to defend “data against threats of... Read more
Google and Nasa Show Off Ridiculously Fast Quantum Computer
Google and Nasa have given  the world a first proper look at its joint effort experimental quantum super computer. Both companies have been experimenting with the cutting edge technology for over two years now, and the public display last Tuesday has led some commentators to wonder if Google and... Read more
Cortana now available on iOS and Android
Microsoft personal assistant, Cortana is now fully available for both Android and iOS …as long as you live in China, or the USA. Not that that news will come as any surprise to most people who’ve followed recent app releases. As seems to be the case with growing numbers... Read more
Firefox Still On Fire And No Longer Needs Money From Google
The Mozilla Foundation, the not-for-profit company behind popular web browser Firefox has revealed that it’s doing just fine without Google’s millions. For the longest of times, it often appeared that Mozilla’s fortunes relied on the charitable mood of Google to remain viable. Google were in real terms, practically bankrolling... Read more
Google Disputes EFF Claims Over Chrome Child-Data Mining
Lords of the internet, Google are facing harsh criticism by the Electronic Frontier Federation (EFF) for mining and collecting personal information through Chromebooks and Google’s Apps for Education. The EFF have made the claims as part of their new “Spying on Students” campaign. The EFF’s main complaint centers around... Read more