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Google’s Chrome Browser Overtakes Internet Explorer For The First Time
Google Chrome has officially overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world’s most used web browser. The news finally ends Microsoft’s default Windows browser’s almost two-decade long dominance as the leading internet browser. Haven’t I heard this one before? Probably. Over the last few years, quite a few tech analytics... Read more
Windows 10 Removes Google Search From Cortana
From last week, Microsoft has ended what many people consider the easiest way to search the internet; by blocking third party searches that go through Bing and the Cortana digital personal assistant. The move was announced late last week in a blog post by the General Manager of Search... Read more
FileHippo Smashes The 3,000,000,000 Download Barrier
Yep, that’s right, FileHippo passed a very significant milestone recently. Last month we officially passed the 3 billion download mark, and if you don’t mind us saying, we do feel quite proud of that figure. Where It All Began was started by two software enthusiasts in 2004. We’re really proud of... Read more
Chrome Ends Support For Windows XP And Vista
Well it had to happen eventually. But last week Google officially announced that support for its Chrome browser on older (legacy) operating systems has finally happened. The news came the day after Google rolled out the latest version of the browser, Chrome 50, with the following blog post: “Today,... Read more
US Supreme Court Rules in Google’s Favor After Decade+ Legal Fight With Authors
On Monday, the US Supreme Court on Monday decided not to hear a challenge from the Authors Guild and other prominent writers who claimed that Google’s digital scanning of their work was in effect a mass copyright issue and intrinsically unfair. In a brief written explanation, the current justices decreed... Read more
Google Brings Health Info To India
With the high rate of technological advancements that are permeating our everyday lives, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the less than ideal conditions that are still prevalent even in countries who seem to be making 21st century strides. India, a country that has long experienced a... Read more
Google Says Sorry For The Mic Drop In Its Web Browser On April Fool’s Day
April Fool’s day jokes for the world’s most popular web browser Chrome, seemed to go horribly, horribly wrong. Yes, that’s right, this year Google’s efforts on April 1st ended up backfiring on the tech company in something of a spectacular fashion, and as Google had to admit in a... Read more
Microsoft To Go To The Edge To Offer Adblocking In Its Web Browser
Tech giant set to add to ad-publishers headaches as eagle eyed Zdnet journalist, Ed Cotton, spots Microsoft’s new feature for its Edge web browser. That’s right, adblocking may be coming to Redmond’s flagship browser in the next scheduled release for its Internet Explorer replacement. If it happens, Microsoft will... Read more
Nik Collection Photo Editing Software Now Free
Google has now announced a monumental revelation about Nik, its photo editing software: It’s now free! Digital photography buffs rejoice! There’s news from the world of photo editing software that has amateurs and pros alike celebrating. To understand the cause for excitement, let’s back up. Google acquired what it... Read more
France fines Google over ‘right to be forgotten’   
The French data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL), has said it has fined Alphabet subsidiary, Google, €100,000 for failing to scrub search results widely enough to comply with an EU privacy ruling. The US based tech firm has been in a long running... Read more
Apple Storing iCloud Data On Google Servers
News has emerged from several different sources that Apple has struck a deal with what some might see as its arch rival, Google, to store some users iCloud data on Google’s own cloud storage servers. The deal is being reported as a real coup for Google, which is seen... Read more
Tech Companies Set To Increase Encryption Protocols
As the ongoing legal battle between Apple and the FBI keeps going on and on,  a host of other Silicon Valley operators have clearly signalled which side of the fence they’re sitting on. Facebook, Google, Snapchat and others are seemingly working on increasing their own encryption methods in the... Read more
Man vs Machine: Sedol Finally Beats Google’s AlphaGo
It took four matches, but a human has finally done what many experts first thought was a certainty, then fairly impossible, and now mind-boggling: world champion Lee Sedol has finally beaten Google’s AI software AlphaGo in the ancient Chinese strategy game Go. In the five-match scheduled event, the first... Read more
Dutch Court Orders Google To Hand Over Fake Reviewers IP Addresses
In the Netherlands, browser giant Google has been ordered to take down the false and abusive reviews that have been linked to attacks on a Dutch nursery. The child care business, which hasn’t as yet been named in court papers, has won a legal case against Google, forcing the... Read more
Game-Changing Victory For Google’s AI Software
Google’s DeepMind division has pulled off an unforeseen victory that goes far beyond the rules and strategies of any game. Its AI software AlphaGo, which made headlines for its pending match-up against the reigning world champion of the ancient Chinese strategy game Go, has now defeated its human opponent... Read more
Google hires 4chan Creator
Google has made the unexpected move of hiring Christopher Poole, the original creator of the infamously controversial internet image-board 4chan. Poole, made the news public in a Tumblr post on Tuesday. “Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Google.” Commonly known as “moot” online, Poole began building the 4chan... Read more
Tech World Answers Apple Call To Arms
At the time of writing, more than 25 of the world’s major media organizations, civil liberties groups, and technology companies, have opted to follow Microsoft, and throw their hat in the ring to support Apple in its increasingly entrenched and bitter dispute with the US government. The case centers... Read more
Kodi Media Player Update Adds Improves Features
Kodi’s media player has released an update to version 16.0, and the top features that users have been waiting for are finally here. In the world of media players, there are plenty of software titles and applications to choose from. They range from the no-frills, pre-installed variety to the... Read more