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How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10
We’re living in an age where both minimalism and storage are everything. This is as true in the tech world as it is in the home décor industry. Think about it. How many programs do you have on your PC that you never use? They will undoubtedly be taking... Read more
How To Bypass the Logon Screen on Windows 10
Microsoft Windows, as an operating system, is ok. I say ok, because I like some features of it and others I don’t. In every version of Windows that Microsoft has released, there have been some features that really standout. Windows 10 is no exception. Obviously it is still in... Read more
How To Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop For iOS
Chrome Remote Desktop has been a service from Google that has been around for a while now, in fact, it’s been knocking around for years. The service basically allowed users to gain access to a Mac or Windows computer from another computer or an Android device. Up until now... Read more
How to Organise your Mac Desktop with Spaces
A few years back Apple introduced Spaces with OS X 10.5 (Leopard). These were, in essence, virtual desktops. Spaces allows you to create multiple desktops, so basically it’s like having multiple monitors, but without the monitors. Some people knock Apple for their OS and say that it is gimmicky etc.... Read more
How to Change the Logon Screen in Windows 7
Windows 7 is relatively old now. After all, the next iteration of Microsoft’s operating system will be Windows 10. Although Microsoft skipped on the Windows 9 name, Windows 10 will apparently be an amalgam of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Well, from a GUI perspective anyway. Personally, I do... Read more
How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview In A Sandbox
If you love Windows and just can’t wait for the final public release of Windows 10 then don’t worry Windows 10 Technical Preview is here and available to download and install at your leisure. Microsoft made the OS available for download recently and it’s available free of charge. If... Read more
How To Scan Specific Folders For Duplicate Files Using Gemini
The one thing that I don’t like about using my Mac is the amount of duplicate files I accumulate.  I suppose the very same thing happens to me when I use my Windows machine, but because I use my Mac more often, I end up with more duplicates. And... Read more
How To Use Older Programs On New Versions Of Windows
I admit that it took me a while to switch over from Windows XP to Vista and then it took me pretty much no time at all to switch back, may I add.  But when Windows 7 was released, I was all over it.  I don’t really like using... Read more
How To Restore Deleted Files Using Recuva
When you accidentally delete a file on your computer, it can be really frustrating and you feel like a fool.  But all is not lost when you accidentally delete an important file that you have been working on.  You can recover it with Recuva.  This great application is a... Read more
How To Defragment Your Hard Disk Using Defraggler
When you make changes on your PC, the data is stored on your hard disk.  Anything you are likely to do on your PC, such as using copy, paste, delete and even saving files will result in disk fragmentation.  The files that you modify are stored in a separate segment on the hard... Read more
How To Download Files With uTorrent
uTorrent is what is known as a BitTorrent client. The client is a piece of software that communicates with other computers via a server.  In order to download torrent files, you need a BitTorrent client. There are many different BitTorrent clients available, one of which is uTorrent. This is... Read more
How To Extract Files Using WinRAR
This is a quick guide on how to use WinRAR for extracting/UnRAR files.  WinRAR is a fantastic freeware tool for extracting files from their compressed formats.  One thing that makes WinRAR such a popular application is the easy to use interface. There are several different ways to open an... Read more
How To Install Skins For Winamp
The one thing about playing about with different types of software, is that you kind of get bored with how the interface looks.  Tweaking different settings is all well and good, but if you think the actual ‘look’ of the application is a bit odd, then without the ability... Read more
How to Clean the Windows Registry in CCleaner
The Windows Registry in your PC is the database that stores all of the configuration information and hardware/software settings for your PC to run correctly.  Unfortunately, over periods of time, this database can become bloated with redundant files.  The Windows Registry retains outdated system configuration information, including files that are left... Read more
How To Use Snapshot in VirtualBox
If you have ever need to have another OS running besides the one you usually use, then there is lots of available software on the market to allow you do this.  There is bundled kit in OS X called Bootcamp which is pretty good if you need to run... Read more
How To Erase Data From A Hard Drive
Data is important to everyone.  The last thing you need is someone you don’t know getting hold of your information.  It is important then, to know how to erase your data from your computer. You may need to do this because your computer is being sold or given away... Read more
How To Manage A Friend/Relative’s PC
If you are asked to help out on occasion to ‘fix’ a friend’s PC, chances are that you really could do the job simply in a few minutes.  In such a case it is irritating to have to organise both your time and your friends time to sort out... Read more