The one thing about playing about with different types of software, is that you kind of get bored with how the interface looks.  Tweaking different settings is all well and good, but if you think the actual ‘look’ of the application is a bit odd, then without the ability to change it, you are stuck with something you don’t like.  That’s where skins come to into play.  A fresh new look can make all the difference when it comes to software.

Bored Of How Winamp Looks? Customize Your Skins!

Bored Of How Winamp Looks? Customize Your Skins!

Winamp’s media player comes with the ability to apply new ‘skins’. Skins provide a fresh, new look by changing the colour and/or the shape of the interface, sometimes-new buttons and other features can accompany these.

In the drop down men of Winamp, click on ‘skins’ and ‘get more skins’. This will open a browser window and will allow you to choose some new ones for your player form Winamp’s website/or you can search the Internet.  Once you have located a file you want, then save the zip file to you PC.

Next you have to place the downloaded zip files into the “skins” section under your Winamp directory e.g. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins. Next open the Winamp application and press Alt-S to browse your skins. A list of the new skins will appear and you can just click on the one you want and the skin is then applied to Winamp.  That’s it.

You can download Winamp from today.

[Image via belkacemrezgui.deviantart]