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How To Keep Your Children Safe Online
The Internet is a place filled with so much knowledge and entertainment, that you would not be able to come close to seeing even half of it in your lifetime.  Everybody should have access to this wonderful tool of information, from young ones to older ones alike.  A massive... Read more
Tips For Browsing With Chrome
Chrome, the powerful browser from Google, is full of features and with the right know-how it can speed up your browsing experience. In this article we are going to look at some of Chrome’s features that can be used on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. Google Voice Search... Read more
7 Great Tricks You May Not Know About Yet
Earlier this year Microsoft replaced Hotmail and all accounts were transferred to Microsoft included a host of new features such as integration with SkyDrive and instant search. If you are still finding your way around, then take a look at seven of the features we picked out that... Read more
Vanish from the Internet with
Almost everything we do online remains stored somewhere and getting rid of the tracks is almost impossible. If you have old accounts you want to delete or social media sites you want erased, this new site named can help. The website, launched by designer Ed Poole and developer... Read more
How to Tell You’re Getting Scammed on the Internet
It’s a fact that most people believe that they would never fall prey to an internet scam.  While we have all heard tales of people being scammed, most of us believe that it couldn’t happen to us.  Though many of the tricks of the trade for internet scam artists... Read more
Proper Etiquette for Sharing Photos Online
With today’s social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, taking and sharing photos and videos have become much more convenient, free, and out there for the world to see in an instant. It’s really amazing that you can just scroll down and watch your friends and loved ones’... Read more
How to Protect Young Kids Online
It’s important to protect kids when they are online.  Even a few simple steps can protect the safety and privacy of your children.  Preventative measures for parents fall primarily into two categories: technological and behavioural.   Technological Protection It’s up to you to decide what your child is and isn’t... Read more