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Finding Ebay Bargains Near You
If you’re a long term user of the online auction website eBay, then you probably already know all the tricks. Using sniping add ons to bid at the last second, amending the search filters so you only see the 99p no reserve free delivery items, searching for the phrase... Read more
How to use an Android Device as a Sat Nav Without WiFi
Remember when we used to use maps to get places? Now we rely on a little electronic voice to tell us where to go, getting lost isn’t nearly as much fun as it used to be and we’ve replaced arguing over who said we should turn left at the... Read more
Google Chrome Hack Lets Android Apps Run On Browser‏
Android apps have always been confined to the mobile, but what if users were to enable the 1.3 million mobile apps to work on Chrome, Mac and Windows OS? This is what one developer has been able to achieve, going under the alias of “Vladikoff.” Vladikoff used App Runtime... Read more
How To Play ZX Spectrum Classic Laser Squad Online
For those of a certain age, a small black box with a rainbow logo and rubber keys brings back many fond memories. The ZX Spectrum was a 8-bit computer that loaded it’s games from a cassette tape and was the progenitor of many a bedroom programmer. Despite it’s obvious... Read more
Here’s How You Can Watch Apple’s Big Media Event Live
While it would be an awesome experience to witness Apple’s big media event on 9/9/14 in person, for many of us that’s not even close to being a reality. Apple hasn’t forgotten about us, though, and they’re providing a way for everyone who’s interested to watch everything that happens... Read more
How To Use Opera Link
Opera is great alternative to the other ‘main’ selection of browsers on the market today. And a great feature of Opera is Opera Link.  This feature allows you to share your data between all your computers and devices, which run the Opera browser. The functionality of Opera Link allows... Read more
How To Extend Your Wi-Fi Network With A Second Router
Sometimes your WiFi signal can drop on more than the odd occasion or maybe you live in a large house?  Either way don’t worry as it’s possible to use a second, spare router to solve the issue.  The process is not that complicated and could save you a lot of... Read more
How To Set Browser Startup Preferences in Google Chrome
When you start your computer do you check your email first or navigate to your favourite website? If you do, you are not alone.  We all like things done in a certain way, I like to look at my Google+ page and some work references for instance.   It is... Read more
How To Locate Your IP Address
Whether you use Mac, Windows, or Linux as your OS, if you have an issue and need to call customer support, they will almost certainly need to know your IP address in order to fix the issue remotely. But how do you find your IP address? How To Find... Read more
How To Use Tabbed Browsing In Safari
Tabbed browsing is a really convenient feature of web browsers. Nowadays you don’t need to have open several browser windows at once. Tabbed browsing allows you to attain a much more sleek and efficient browsing experience.  With tabbed browsing you can open several web pages at once in a single... Read more
How to Back Up Your Firefox Profile Folder
Your browser settings for Firefox and the bookmark file are stored on your desktop computer in a folder called “Profile.”  So what would happen to your settings if your hard drive crashes or the disk becomes corrupted?  Well, if that does happen, then your files may be overwritten or... Read more
How To Clear Your Private Browsing Data in Firefox
Email services which are Web-based, take great precautions to ensure that only you can see your messages. They do this by many means; you may have to enter your password every time you check your mail or you may be forced to log off automatically after a period of... Read more
How To Customize The Toolbar in Firefox
We all like things done in a specific way, right?  We take our coffee a certain way, we season our food just the way we like it and we work to a certain routine.  So what’s the difference with how we use our technology?  Nothing.  There is no difference... Read more
How To Save Offline Maps in Google Maps For iOS
Mapping software is great isn’t it?  You can plan journeys with multiple stops and  find the quickest, shortest and most fuel economical route to your destination with the variety of Map software available.  You can do it the old fashioned way, with a map and some maths skills, but... Read more
How To Access Your Router If You Forget Your Login Details
If you have ever been in the position of needing to access your router, and you cannot remember your password or your username, then you will understand just how frustrating that situation can be. You might need to access your router for a number of different reasons, from port... Read more
Build Your Own Chromecast For Free!
Chromecast has been available for some time now but did you know that if you have an Android tablet or phone lying around then you can turn it into your very own DIY Chromecast for free? If you relish the idea of saving yourself $35 then the first you’ll... Read more
How To Shorten a URL
Have you ever needed to share a link, but the URL is so long that it looks more like a version of ‘War and Peace’?  There is no need to worry, as there are very clever services available online called URL Shorteners.  These services that will create a new... Read more
How to Turn Your Smartphone into A WiFi Hotspot
If you are like me and use the Internet on a daily basis, then you need a good strong reliable connection.  But what if you are out and about with your laptop/tablet and there is no WiFi connection?  How do you get online?   Don’t panic, as no doubt you... Read more