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How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10
We’re living in an age where both minimalism and storage are everything. This is as true in the tech world as it is in the home décor industry. Think about it. How many programs do you have on your PC that you never use? They will undoubtedly be taking... Read more
How to Download and Play PS2 Games on PC
Scores of childhood (and adult) gaming memories were made thanks to the PlayStation 2.  In fact, many still have their trusty consoles and return to them for the beauty of nostalgia on a daily! The PS2 is the best-selling console of all time, with 157 million units sold —... Read more
How to add facecam to videos using Windows
We’ve all watched those videos where a narrator is speaking from a smaller part of the screen while referring to the main picture. But how do you actually create this effect? First of all, this type of content is known as a picture-in-picture, or video-in-video, recording. Most people just... Read more
How To Speed Up A Slow Laptop Or Computer
5 top tips to speed up your Windows system. Not too long ago, top-dollar technology started coming down in price, largely because consumers were expected to take advantage of the “planned obsolescence” that was built into the device. If you didn’t have the skillset to upgrade your memory, install... Read more
How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows
If you are anything like me, then you will have lots of software on your PC. The trouble with this is that it takes longer and longer for Windows to start up. There are so many programs that add themselves to the list of programs, which start when you boot... Read more
Top 10 Windows 7 Tips
Have you ever wondered just how some people really get, what seems like, full use of their computer?  Sure we all played Minesweeper and wrote the occasional Word document when we first started out using computers.  Nowadays computers are a regular part of everyday life.  From playing games to... Read more
How To Use An Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad For Your PC
Like most of you folks I like playing the occasional video game, but find I have no time.  I eventually made the decision it was time for the Xbox to go.  When I sold on my Xbox 360, I decided the controller might come in handy for gaming on... Read more
How To Use Older Programs On New Versions Of Windows
I admit that it took me a while to switch over from Windows XP to Vista and then it took me pretty much no time at all to switch back, may I add.  But when Windows 7 was released, I was all over it.  I don’t really like using... Read more
A Full Guide To Your Apps in Windows 8.1
You may have noticed that there is a shed load of applications that come bundled in with Windows 8.1, some of which you may not have even realized you have. Do you need all of them? Probably not. So here is a full guide to the Windows 8.1 apps... Read more
Tips On Speeding Up Your PC
There is nothing more irritating than a PC that is running slow but rather than dashing out to splash out on a brand new machine, there are a few simple things you can try first. The following tips will help speed up your computer and get it working at... Read more
Handy Hints For Windows 8.1
So by now you’ve had plenty of time to play around with Windows 8.1 and get to grips with the customisable start screen, new and improved apps and the fact that OneDrive weaves itself throughout the operating system. Plus you’ve probably breathed a sigh of relief that the Start... Read more
Want To Install Linux After The Death Of XP? Here’s How!
Following the death of Windows XP, millions of people worldwide have been left wondering what to do next. The dilema is whether to upgrade to another version of Windows or perhaps try something completely different, like Linux. If you are leaning more towards the Linux camp but aren’t sure... Read more
How to Boot Windows 7 & 8 Simultaneously
Finally, the time is near when Microsoft launches the new version of its operating system. The Windows 8 is highly anticipated and has been generating a lot of buzz from the time it was announced. There are a number of new features and a host of changes. The news... Read more