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We’ve all watched those videos where a narrator is speaking from a smaller part of the screen while referring to the main picture. But... How to add facecam to videos using Windows

We’ve all watched those videos where a narrator is speaking from a smaller part of the screen while referring to the main picture. But how do you actually create this effect?

First of all, this type of content is known as a picture-in-picture, or video-in-video, recording. Most people just call it facecam, which we agree rolls off the tongue a little easier!

This feature is very popular with people who need to record computer activity while also providing a commentary.

Our article will provide an overview of how and why Windows users might add facecam to videos. There are, after all, scores of situations where this kind of content works wonders; from reaction videos to tutorials.

It will also suggest three of our favourite pieces of software to help you on your content creation journey. Mirillis Action!, Filmora Video Editor and Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro are all fine examples of picture-in-picture solutions. We’re sure you will agree.

So, sit back and discover how you can embrace your inner PewDiePie!

Who needs facecam recording?

There are many diverse occasions where you may need to capture some activity on your computer and also give a visual reaction.

You could be watching an online stream, or playing a game, where you need to provide commentary or facial responses. Or perhaps, you could be holding an important video conference, whether it be for business or pleasure, and want to keep a copy.

Facecam recording is simple. All you need is a good webcam, clear audio and some top editing software. Credit: Pixabay

Facecam recording is simple. All you need is a good webcam, clear audio and some top editing software. Credit: Pixabay

What are the different types of facecam recording?

Reaction videos: These are, perhaps, the most popular types of facecam recordings. You know the ones; a content creator plays a game or watches a video and you’re able to track their reactions to each development. PewDiePie made a name for himself with these types of videos.

Gaming/ Let’s Plays: Similar to reaction videos, but slightly different. Here the content creator will show footage of people playing a game from start to finish, all the while delivering their thoughts and commentary on the experience.

“Let’s Plays” are great for viewers who want to see what a game plays like before making a purchase decision.

Tutorials and storytelling: Again, you will have no doubt watched countless videos of this kind. Here you will see the content creator moving around their game or desktop screen while relaying some important facts and knowledge. It’s great for explaining things that really need to be demonstrated visually to be understood.

What are the positives of facecam recording?

Rather than simply providing subtitles or a random voiceover, a video with facial expression and narration really stands out. Capturing your audience’s attention has never been so easy.

These days, webcams and audio recorders are first-class – without being too expensive. If you complement them with impressive editing software you can create something very effective.

So, which screen recording software should you use for Windows?

There are scores of top programs of this kind out there. The three we’ve picked all offer two things that help them stand out, they’re simple to use but also very powerful.

This type of software allows you to capture the computer display as well as your facial reactions. You can then produce a video which shows your webcam video and PC screen simultaneously. Live commentary is also added to the screencast.

Obviously, we all have different tastes. Filmora Video Editor, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro and Mirillis Action! are all similar, but each one comes with positives and negatives depending on what you’re after.

For example, if you’re looking for premium features Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is your best shout. However, if you really need to go all out on editing features it may be best to download Filmora Video Editor. Saying that, Mirillis Action! has won a lot of praise for its free Android app.

To choose which one suits your needs best it’s necessary to take a better look at these products. Take a while to explore their key features below. Don’t worry, if you need more information you can visit their FileHippo program description and download pages!

Mirillis Action!

Mirillis Action!

Our first suggestion is Mirillis Action! It comes rich in features, delivered in a stylish package. This user-friendly recording software is as popular as it is comprehensive.

It allows high performance streaming, with the added option to include microphone commentary and webcam. This solution can also be used to capture screenshots, record music and much more.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly and stylish interface.
  • Greenscreen mode.
  • Device and screen recording.
  • Live stream to popular streaming services.
  • Time-shift recording.
  • High performance, high quality recording and streaming.
  • Audio recording.
  • Optimized video player.
  • Slow motion effects.
  • Free Android app.

What’s more? It is easy to browse and delete selected recordings. You can then directly export them, uploading them to the likes of YouTube and Facebook in a click of a button.

Don’t worry. It’s not difficult to get going. Mirillis Action! provides plenty of free video tutorials and also boasts an impressive and intuitive interface.

When it comes to sound, this program allows you to record everything you hear on your PC in real-time, as well as your live commentary. You can also adjust the sound levels as you go, to create the perfect audio experience for your videos.

It even includes a free Android app that allows you to monitor and control your game play and screen recordings. This includes options to check the frame rate or start, stop and pause recordings easily in real time.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

Our next pick is an all-in-one video editor which comes with a fully stacked feature set and powerful functionality. Filmora Video Editor really does make professional video editing a seamless experience and make your videos stand out.

Aside from offering picture-in-picture capabilities, it also offers a range of filters, text, tiles and graphic overlays. You can also drag and drop moving elements onto your video.

Key features include:

  • Advanced video editing made easy.
  • 4k Editing support.
  • Gif support.
  • Noise removal.
  • Frame by frame preview.
  • Timeline editing.
  • Reverse and control speed.
  • Video stabilisation.
  • Split screen editing.
  • Scene detection.
  • Add-on Effects Store subscription.

Filmora allows you access to a library of royalty-free music. So, you can find the perfect backing track to complement both screens. An Effects Store subscription can also be opted into, this will give you unlimited access to more than 1,000 video effects.

The trial version contains the same functionality as the full version. However, it adds a watermark to output files and lacks access to live chat and email support, as well as free lifetime updates.

The bottom line? Filmora Video Editor is a great piece of software and is very easy to use. Just like Mirillis Action!, it makes professional video editing seem simple.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

We couldn’t put together a list like this without including Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. It prides itself on being powerful and simple to use, just like our other two picks.

This desktop tool, designed for recording screen and audio activity simultaneously, is home to a wealth of image editing tools. It can allow you to capture screen activity on full screen mode, or just a specific part of your screen.

Key features include:

  • Multiple recording modes.
  • Record screen with audio.
  • Record video from webcam.
  • Professional video editor.
  • Realtime Screencast editor.
  • Records live streams/ webinars.
  • Realtime screen monitoring.
  • Video converter.
  • Social media sharing.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro’s flexible capture mode records all of your desktop activities. You can also add webcam video into the screencast to achieve that all important video-in-video effect.

When you finish with your screencast you will be able to convert videos into a range of desired formats, with no quality loss. This means you can then re-watch your content on any system or device.

Like Filmora, you’re only a few clicks away from uploading your videos to social media platforms or a cloud server. Moreover, similar to our other suggestions, this product delivers an impressive range of screen-recording features.

Because of its impressive conversion settings, it is a one-stop-shop piece of software. This easy-to-use desktop tool also offers handy hacks, like drawing elements and other graphics.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this blog post has pointed you in the right direction. If so, you can now go off to create your picture-in-picture masterpiece!

Are you a gamer looking for more inspiration? Maybe you’re thinking of becoming a YouTuber? Should that be the case, be sure to check out our How to Record Video Games on PC for YouTube explainer article too for some extra inspiration.

Although we’ve listed three of our favourite picture-in-picture software solutions, there are lots more out there! Don’t forget you can head over to FileHippo and take a peek at our huge library of great software.

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