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Intel Creates 10 Inch Education Tablet
World class chipmaker¬†Intel,¬†has introduced a ten-inch tablet reference design, which is¬†made specifically for¬†education¬†purposes. ¬†The device, is simply called ‚ÄėIntel Education tablet‚Äô is based on an Atom chip and runs Android 4.0 operating system, it also comes preloaded with some Intel Education Software. ¬†The¬†Intel company hopes that its tablet design,... Read more
Intel To Launch A Lower Power Chip For Servers
Intel Corp has announced that it will be launching a low-power version of its server processors in a bid to expand into the data center with energy efficient-chips based on smartphone technology. At an event on Monday with industry analysts and the media, Intel said it planned to offer... Read more
Intel Involved in Making Better 3D Movies
The Intel Corporation is tapping a new business opportunity in South Korea and it is not anything to do with supplying more mobile chips to Samsung Electronics Co. It is actually helping to make better three-dimensional movies. The Korean animation film market lacks the technological finesse of their Western counterparts, this... Read more
The New 8-Core Desktop Processor from Intel – Haswell-E
According to a report on VR-Zone, Intel are planning to launch their first 8-core CPU for premium desktop computers. It is thought it will arrive in the second half of next year, beginning with the Haswell-E chip. According to reports, the Haswell-E processors will be built on the 22nm... Read more
Computex 2013 – Day Three Round-Up
Computex 2013 is well under way in Taipei. Day three of the event continued to show off all the latest tech advances. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights. The Razer Blade 14 – We recently covered the story of the new Razer Blade 14, the thinnest... Read more
Intel Promise Longer Battery Life With New Generation Core Processor
Intel has announced its latest generation Core i3,i5 and i7 processor, promising that they will offer “the biggest improvement in battery life in Intel history” compared to previous models. Intel is calling these chips “4th generation”. The logic behind this is due to the increased number of people using... Read more
Razer Blade: The Ultra Thin Gaming Laptop
Razer, the PC peripherals manufacturer, are making bold moves to break away from the current gaming-laptop pattern. They have announced the release of something slim and light that still packs plenty of gaming prowess. The new Razer Blade is a gaming laptop that is just 0.66 inches. It will... Read more
Windows 8 Touch Devices Will Sell For $200
Touch-enabled laptops running Windows 8, that is. Do you still remember the days when the idea of being able to interact with your laptop via the screen was a wonder to behold and was basically a dream of the future? Gone are those days, we are living the future,... Read more
Meet Yolo, Intel’s First Smartphone For Africa
Smartphones of all shapes, sizes, and price tags can be found left and right. In most places, the chances are that you will find a device that will suit your budget and preferences. Different countries offer unique markets, of course, and mobile phone manufacturers are taking this into serious... Read more
Intel To Halt Desktop Motherboard Production
The PC landscape is quickly changing and that fact was evident in Intel’s announced plans to ramp down and eventually cancel the production of its desktop motherboards. Intel’s final line of PC motherboards will come in the form of its Haswell platform. ¬†In the future the company will no... Read more
Intel Launching Its Own Cable TV Service
Several years ago Intel attempted to team up with TV manufacturers to produce the first line of Google TVs, ultimately Intel failed to win over manufacturers and Google TV 1.0 failed to impress. Jump forward several years later and the microprocessor company is not only preparing to enter the... Read more
Intel CEO Paul Otellini Retiring In May 2013
Intel CEO Paul Otellini is a powerhouse in the processor industry. A 40 year veteran of the microprocessor world Otellini helped transform Intel from a company suffering through an inefficient Pentium 4 processor to a company dominating the space thanks to the X86 architecture. Otellini was also seen as... Read more