Touch-enabled laptops running Windows 8, that is. Do you still remember the days when the idea of being able to interact with your laptop via the screen was a wonder to behold and was basically a dream of the future? Gone are those days, we are living the future, and there are so many other things that  concern us in regard to devices which allow input directly via the screen.

Windows 8 Touch Devices Will Go For As Low As $200

And now there’s some awesome news coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini has made a prediction that by the time the holidays (no need to point out which holidays, is there?) come around, we will see Windows 8 touch devices for as low as $200!

Speculation about the death of the PC has been rife in recent times, the rise of tablets being one of the highlighted culprits. Of course, that does not mean that there the market for PCs will totally die out. There is, after all, a solid PC gaming niche.

Aside from the fact that this generation is growing up with tablets as the default device, are there any other reasons that the prices of Windows 8 touch devices will take a huge dip?

Otellini pinpoints something that can be considered positive: new, innovative designs involving Intel’s Atom chip.

Two words: Bay Trail.

Bay Trail is due to come out later this year, and it is basically a system packed into a chip. This upcoming technology is going to impact the size and prices of Windows 8 touch devices.

A word of caution is warranted, though. Some reports have surfaced that Windows 8 touch devices – laptops in particular – can be hazardous to your health. It’s the old issue of repetitive stress, except with a few different things, mainly because of how your hand is positioned when manipulating icons on the screen of your laptop.  Of course, this is also but speculation at this point especially since there are probably not enough cases to study. And, if the $200 price point proves to be true, the possibility of repetitive stress might not be the first thing that will come to mind.

[Image via techwhack]