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Firefox OS: A New Alternative for Smartphones
The new Firefox OS was able to capture some of the spotlight at this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Mozilla held a press conference highlighting its Firefox OS and also outlining their vision for the future. The question is whether a Firefox OS, or any other for that matter, would... Read more
Alternatives to Google Search
The majority of internet users frequent one of the three major search engines, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. But do these sites really give you the best available results? Google has many strong suits and numerous benefits for the user. However, it does have some shortcomings, mainly user privacy. If... Read more
Speech to Text With Google Chrome
Imagine being able to speak an email into existence. Now stop imagining. Thanks to Google, you can already experiment with this for yourself. Voice recognition is here, and the day is coming soon where you will be able to use it for all sorts of applications. As technology advances,... Read more
Google Chrome Plug-ins For Better Browsing
It’s that time of the year again – when cleaning up one’s computer and getting rid of unnecessary files and programs take up a considerable amount of time. Additionally, it’s a good time to check out new programs and tools that can improve one’s computing experience. Of course, extensions... Read more
Firefox Add-ons for the Aesthetically Inclined
What’s the main thing you look at when deciding what web browser to use? For sure, five people asked the same question will offer different answers. I would not be suprised if answers along the lines of “nice to look at” and “pretty” are just as common as “fast”.... Read more
5 Hidden Google Chrome Features
While it is understandable that other people prefer Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, there is no doubt that Chrome is a brilliant browser. And, thanks to the ingenious people behind the web browser, there are many gems hidden under the hood. You simply have to know... Read more
Google’s 100,000 Stars Chrome App
Google launched a new experiment that it has designated the 100,000 Stars Chrome App.  Its purpose seems to be to let you know how small you really are with a look at the stars that are only a few light years away.  You will see amazing sights like you’ve... Read more
Get Google Chrome’s Missing Features With Chrome Toolbox
One of the things about Google Chrome that makes it so popular is that it is easy to use. However, the down side of the browser is that it lacks many features that the other browsers have. These features would enhance the overall product and help it compete better.... Read more
Must-Have Safari Extensions
We all have our browser of choice, and for me, that’s Safari. While I have had some issues lately with crashing when right-clicking to open a link in a new tab, I have to say that this browser still remains my default. That’s not saying I don’t use alternative... Read more