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Can iPad Beat The Chromebook In Classrooms?
There’s some big news out there today in educational software, although to outsiders it might seem like just another business day. While it’s true that Apple buys smaller tech companies from time to time–so much that their standard company answer to journalists is “we buy tech companies all the... Read more
Raspberry Pi Computer To Be Given Away Free In Magazine.
The latest version of the UK Raspberry Pi has, according to some sources, ‘become the first computer to be given away free with a magazine.’ No, really, it’s true. The Pi Zero is so cheap that monthly MagPi magazine is giving it away free with the latest edition. As... Read more
Apple Removes Metadata+ Drone Strike Map App from App Store
In a sudden, and unexpected move, Apple unilaterally decided to ban the Metadata+ iOS app that maps US drone strikes from the Apple Store. The app’s main purpose was to send push notifications to users iOS devices when drone strikes were reported. Metadata+ was originally created to work in... Read more
Crystal iOS Ad-Blocker Now Paid To Show Ads.
Popular iOS Ad-blocker, Crystal, is to allow companies to show you ads and has come in for some serious criticism for doing so. Crystal developer, Dean Murphy, has made an agreement with a company called Eyeo GmbH that will allow some ads to be allowed past Crystal’s ad filter. Murphy... Read more
Opera Unveils New Branding And Logo
Opera: New Logo, New Direction? Opera, the popular and evergreen web browser for both desktop and mobile environments has got itself a new logo, and a new brand identity. The move is, according to the company themselves, however, more than just about replacing the old red “O” logo with... Read more
Apple Forced To Remove 300 Malware XcodeGhost Infected Apps From Apple Store in China
Legitimate Chinese developers used compromised Xcode that infected hundreds of apps capable of leaking personal information to hackers. Apple confirms it is in the process of removing “XcodeGhost” code embedded in hundreds of Chinese developed apps. Hackers cloned counterfeit version of Apple’s software for building iOS apps, then persuaded... Read more
iOS 9 Ad Blockers Speed Up Internet But Worry Online Publishers
iOS 9 which was released yesterday finally allows for 3rd party apps aimed at blocking advertisements to be installed on Apple devices running the latest software Anyone who read PageFair’s “Cost of Ad Blocking Software” report  back in August will not be surprised at just how quickly  content blocking... Read more
Apple Owners Rejoice: iOS 9 Is Here
Ah, update time, that time of year when you look at your device and you know that there could be a better way, but yet you hesitate. Is it really better? What if I can’t find my files? What if I don’t like how the screen looks? What if... Read more
How Apple’s iPad Pro Apps Could Put A Dent In Windows 10
At $800, the iPad Pro has been firmly leveled at businesses, marking a distinct shift from the Steve Jobs ‘consumers’ approach of recent times. But the question several have been asking at the Apple event taking place this week, is why would people go with the new Apple workhorse over... Read more
Hell Freezes Over, Pigs Fly, And Microsoft Appear at Apple Event
Only one thing in the title of this article is true. Hint: It’s the one with Apple in it. On Wednesday, representatives of Microsoft made an unexpected surprise appearance at Apple’s September showcase event. Apple’s head marketer, Phil Schiller had just finished talking up how new apps could help... Read more
Mozilla Releases Firefox for iOS Preview To Public…If You Live In New Zealand
Last Thursday, Mozilla released the first public preview of its brand spanking new version of its Firefox web browser for iOS. But don’t anybody go diving for the download button just yet…. While the Firefox browser has finally decided to make an appearance on iPads, iPhones, and iPods, unless... Read more
Wondershare’s Dr.Fone For iOS Is Ready For iOS9 – Claim Your $10 Off Now!
Wondershare is currently offering $10 off their flagship iOS data recovery software, Dr.Fone for iOS, exclusively to FileHippo users, for both Windows and Mac versions. All buyers have to do is enter the special promo code WS2015 when prompted, in order to receive this special offer.    Anyone who... Read more
HBO Now Coming To iPhone, iPad And Apple TV For $14.99 Per Month
HBO CEO Richard Plepler has revealed the new standalone internet service ‘HBO Now’ will be coming one week before the premiere of Game of Thrones on April 12, and will cost $14.99 per month. It is as we expected, but one of the unexpected twists is Apple has an... Read more
Apple Delays Production Of iPad Pro Till September
Apple is delaying the launch of the iPad Pro, following issues with the display panel supplier in procuring enough 12.9-inch panels in time for an early launch. Internal conflict is also delaying the launch, with some executives looking into adding additional USB 3.0 ports, alongside ports for a mouse... Read more
Microsoft OneNote For iPad Adds Handwriting Feature
Microsoft recently announced a long-awaited addition to its functionality for iPad devotees, and that’s the addition of handwriting capability to its popular OneNote app, specifically addressing the needs of tablet users. OneNote has allowed this feature already for different touch-screen computers, but this marks the incorporation of the stylus-driven... Read more
Why You Should Never Use An iPad To Take Photos!
There are many reasons why you should avoid taking photos with an iPad. Firstly because they were never actually designed to have the best camera, so you’re not going to get an amazing shot and secondly because you’ll only end up blocking everyone’s view, annoying the heck out of... Read more
Have A Good Christmas? Apple Sure Did!
Did you buy someone an Apple device this Christmas? Or, did you unwrap a new iDevice? (Even if you didn’t, someone you know probably did). One thing’s for sure – Apple had a great Christmas, if device sales mean anything, anyway. Why? Because they had more devices activated than... Read more
Will the MIPS Creator CI20 Rival the Raspberry Pi?
The Raspberry Pi is synonymous with small, handy and really, really useful.  You can use one to power all manner of different computer related projects and gadgetry.  The Raspberry Pi is not alone in the market and maybe it’s time to move over and let someone else take the... Read more