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Wondershare is currently offering $10 off their flagship iOS data recovery software, Dr.Fone for iOS, exclusively to FileHippo users, for both Windows and Mac... Wondershare’s Dr.Fone For iOS Is Ready For iOS9 – Claim Your $10 Off Now!

Wondershare is currently offering $10 off their flagship iOS data recovery software, Dr.Fone for iOS, exclusively to FileHippo users, for both Windows and Mac versions. All buyers have to do is enter the special promo code WS2015 when prompted, in order to receive this special offer. 

dr.fone for ios


Anyone who has ever owned an iPad or an iPhone knows just how ridiculously easy it is to delete even the most important of files by accident. But don’t panic! Everyone deletes something by accident occasionally. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.

All you need to do is get the Doctor in…

It doesn’t matter if a failed update wiped all your cherished music off your iPod Touch, or if you broke your iPad and lost a critical document, Wondershare’s Dr.Fone for iOS can get it back for you. Dr.Fone for iOS is an easy, intuitive tool that can restore your lost data in just 3 steps. It really is that simple.

Dr.Fone for iOS can be installed on any computer running either Windows or Mac software. Dr.Fone for iOS is a desktop based program that can help you recover anything you have on any pretty much any iOS device you own. Once installed on your PC you have the option to recover directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, however you can also recover data from your iCloud and iTunes backup files. This gives you 3 ways to get back lost or deleted files!

Dr.Fone for iOS


Recovering data is a straight forward 3-step process: 1. Choose your recovery mode (directly from device, iCloud or iTunes). 2. Scan for lost or deleted data. 3. Preview your results, check the unwanted ones and then click “Recover”. You can recover either straight to your iOS device or your PC.

Dr.Fone for iOS


The interface is clean, simple and very intuitive. Searching for deleted texts, pictures, videos, and even call logs is straightforward and hassle free.

One of the best features is the ability to ‘preview’ lost files before attempting to recover them. If you only need your photos back, then you can choose to do just that. Dr.Fone for iOS will hold your hand through every step of the way giving detailed instructions of everything you need to do.

Even if your iOS device’s screen is broken, or it won’t turn on properly, all you need to do is connect it to your computer and Dr.Fone for iOS can help get your lost files back.

Dr.Fone for iOS can work even if your iOS device isn’t physically available due to theft or loss, as it can just as easily get your data back via your iCloud backups, or by using the iTunes Backup Recovery Mode.

But Dr.Fone for iOS isn’t just a useful backup utility. It can also be used to fix Apple devices that have stopped working. The ‘Fix iOS to Normal’ feature really is an invaluable extra for getting your iOS device back up and running in the event of Black or White screens, or your device gets stuck in Recovery Mode or at the Apple logo.

Wondershare state that Dr.Fone for iOS can get your iOS device up and running again as it should be. In only ten minutes the ‘Fix iOS to Normal,’ option repairs and restores your iOS at a Firmware level in order to get it functional again.

Privacy is also not a worry due to Wondershare’s built in fraud protection protocols and high level data encryption.

As well as being available for both Windows and Mac, Dr.Fone for iOS will work with iOS 9 when it is released later this year, ensuring future compatibility with any and all iOS devices going forward.

Dollar for dollar, Dr.Fone for iOS is perhaps the best software currently available for recovering data from iOS devices.

Don’t forget to use the promo code WS2015, exclusive to FileHippo users, when prompted to get your $10 off!

If you are looking for a recovery tool for android phones, Wondershare also has Dr.Fone for Android to solve all your lost data problems.