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At $800, the iPad Pro has been firmly leveled at businesses, marking a distinct shift from the Steve Jobs ‘consumers’ approach of recent times. But... How Apple’s iPad Pro Apps Could Put A Dent In Windows 10

At $800, the iPad Pro has been firmly leveled at businesses, marking a distinct shift from the Steve Jobs ‘consumers’ approach of recent times. But the question several have been asking at the Apple event taking place this week, is why would people go with the new Apple workhorse over a $800 Windows laptop instead? The answer, as many have discovered, is the iPad Pro Apps.

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Apple for Consumers vs Apple for Business

While Apple don’t have the most successful track record when it comes to pitching their products at the business masses, Apple hope this will change with the introduction of the iPad Pro. At the Apple event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook described the new iPad as “…the most capable and powerful iPad we’ve ever created.” But that isn’t what might dent the long term dominance of Windows 10 in offices worldwide, it’s the software.

Apple iPad Pro Apps

Apple made a point of demonstrating how users of the new iPad Pro, due for release in November, could be more productive and creative with their time. Adobe showcased 3 of their new design related iPad Pro apps to animated applause, utilizing the new Apple Pencil stylus to good effect. But as we reported yesterday here on, before they came on stage,  Microsoft made an appearance showing off just how easy it was to use Office 2016 on the iPad Pro as well. The message seemed very clear: iPad Pro Apps will be designed with work in mind.


Going mobile

It’s a truth some in the IT industry have been struggling to come to grips with, that business and enterprise is going mobile. Traditional stalwarts in the tech world have tried to adapt, but some of their efforts have been hit and miss to say the least. That might change with the iPad Pro.

While Windows 10 has been one of the most successful launches in Microsoft history, the Windows Store has not been such a hit. This is partly because developers are struggling to make money from it, but also because Windows is inundated with high quality Apps that can be had for free from 3rd party download sites, such as….well… Another factor is that Apps, or programs as some of us still call them, that were designed for Windows 7 through 8.1, work just as flawlessly on Windows 10. So while the world has been generally positive about Windows 10, the reaction to the Windows Store has remained as static as it was before.

With the release of iOS 9 just around the corner,  Apple already has a plethora of iPad Pro Apps in development. claim that it will be the “biggest suite of iPad-focused software upgrades since the device first came out,” and that’s not something to be sniffed at.