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Apple Launches ResearchKit, Making Every iPhone Owner A Participant
Apple has announced a new software framework for collecting health information on iPhones, known as ResearchKit, as its event earlier today. The new ResearchKit ties into HealthKit launched last year as an API for software developers to connect health apps on iOS. It is part of a huge push... Read more
Global Drop in Smartphone Theft Thanks to iPhone Activation Lock
Smartphone theft is a big issue; but there is relatively new fight against the war and it looks like the stats show it is winning, for the moment anyway. With pressure from the communications industry and government regulators alike, the decision to implement a ‘kill switch’ in Apple’s flagship mobile... Read more
JetBlue Airways Launches Apple Pay on Flights
With the ability to pay for your goods and services in so many different ways these days, it was only a matter of time before the tech giants figured out they are going to make lots of revenue from NFC mobile payments. Both Google and Apple have entered the field... Read more
Need To Recover Lost iOS Data? Try iFoneBox
Have you ever been in the unfortunate circumstance where you wreck your iPhone? Well, let me tell you, it’s not pretty; smashed screen, unable to turn on your device properly, and maybe worst of all, you haven’t made a backup in a while or you have but you can’t... Read more
Prynt Case Prints Your Smartphone Pictures Instantly
When I was a kid, my family really only had one camera that I can remember, and it was a Polaroid. I thought it was awesome and always volunteered to take any photo I could with it just to watch the photo almost instantly develop before my eyes. You... Read more
Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone
As smartphones get increasingly smarter, it makes sense that we should be able to control more things from just one place. So here are some cool products that you can pair with your smartphone, which will hopefully make your life a bit easier. ICEdot's Crash Sensor Image 1 of... Read more
Apple Gets Patent For Snap-On iPhone Controller
I love playing games on my iPhone; I always have, and I probably always will. While Angry Birds wasn’t all that hard to play with the touchscreen, other, more advanced games were a little harder to master. Games such as Six Guns and Man of Steel were not all that easy to conquer... Read more
Not Having Your iPhone Messes With Your Head
How often do you find yourself looking at your smartphone? Or, maybe a better question is, how often do you find yourself even thinking about your smartphone? Since the advent of smartphones, we’ve sort of become attached to them, as if they were an additional appendage to our own... Read more
Man Straps 94 iPhones To Body To Smuggle Them Into China
Man, this is just a crazy week when it comes to people wanting to illegally get their hands on iPhones. Earlier in the week, Techbeat reported about a group of 3 men who tunneled into an iPhone warehouse in Beijing where they ended up stealing 240 brand new iPhone... Read more
Can A Photo Of Your Hand Unlock Your iPhone?
One of the things I was most excited about when I got my iPhone 5s early last year was the TouchID feature. As you probably well know, this feature allows an iPhone to be unlocked with the fingerprint of its owner. (It also authorizes purchases, apps, etc.). My experience... Read more
iPhone 6 Series Now Available SIM Free in the US
As of the 7th January 2015, Apple will start offering their SIM-Free, unlocked iPhone 6 and 6 plus in the United States.  These new versions will be available on Apple’s own online store as well as retail locations across the United States. However, not much has changed. The newest... Read more
Have A Good Christmas? Apple Sure Did!
Did you buy someone an Apple device this Christmas? Or, did you unwrap a new iDevice? (Even if you didn’t, someone you know probably did). One thing’s for sure – Apple had a great Christmas, if device sales mean anything, anyway. Why? Because they had more devices activated than... Read more
Disneyworld To Accept Apple Pay & Google Wallet
Walt Disney World is one place that my wife has always wanted to holidays. Personally, I don’t want to stand in the long queues or drive around endless parking lots. Bu,t one reason I have held off so far is the cash. I really don’t want to have to always... Read more
Check for Ear Infections with your Smartphone
Kids seem to get an awful lot of ear infections while they’re growing up. And, unless you’re a doctor, you most likely don’t have an otoscope in the cabinet. (It’s the pointy little thing doctors stick inside your ear to see if you have an ear infection or not.... Read more
Oppo R5 is Officially The Thinnest Phone in the World
Oppo has always been pushing the boundaries of modern devices. The Find 5 was the first device to use a 1080p panel and the Oppo N1 was the first to feature a full 180 rotation camera. The Oppo R5 is officially the thinnest smartphone in the world, stepping past... Read more
Apple Wants your Phone to Fly Instead of Fall to the Ground
Smartphones are wonderful little pieces of technology, aren’t they? At the end of the day, they add up to about the equivalent of carrying around a tiny computer in your pocket all day, which is saying quite a lot. For as valuable as they are, though, they sure are... Read more
Next Gen Gorilla Glass 4 Released
I’m sure its happened to many of you smartphone-carrying people!  I recently dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen.  I was horrified!  I even had it in a case but it fell directly onto its front, causing a sickening and heart wrenching shatter (a bit dramatic, I know).  Rendering... Read more
Guy Bought 99 iPhones to Propose & Got Turned Down
Who knew there was such a thing as Single’s Day? (Props to you if you did know that!) Apparently it’s celebrated dreaded in China on November 11th. Unfortunately, one Chinese man is going to be remembering this Single’s Day for the rest of his life. Deciding he didn’t want... Read more