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Apple & Samsung Phones Stress Tested For Antitheft Features
It has been a couple of weeks since I had a month-old iPhone 5 picked right out of my pocket, and it still stings. Obviously, losing a gadget of that caliber will never be okay, but being pickpocketed like a baby added insult to injury. Additionally, factors such as... Read more
More Details on Foxconn iPhone-Compatible Smartwatch
With news about Apple applying for the iWatch trademark in Japan spreading like wildfire, supporters of the company and its products are certainly trying not to get overly excited about the possibility of a smartwatch in the future. Of course, we all know that a whole lot can happen... Read more
Apple Apply For The “iWatch” Trademark
It looks as though Apple are following the trend for smartwatches, after the company applies for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan.  The application was submitted on June 3 and appeared on the Japan Patent Office website on June 27. The name is categorized as being for products like handheld... Read more
Turn Your IPhone Into A Gun (Well Almost)
‘I know what your’e thinking, did I make six calls or only five?’ So it has come down to this.  People cannot be bothered to wait for a gun licence anymore and are just buying one of these instead. The clever minds at Shenzhen, China’s Sunsky Ltd., “Wholesalers from... Read more
Tethered iPhones Easy To Crack
According to new research from the University of Erlangen in Germany, iPhones that are being used as a Wi-Fi hotspot are open to attack from hackers due to lax security protocols in the automatic password generation system. A team from the university say that passwords automatically created for the... Read more
Why Apple Should Not Build A Cheaper iPhone
The WWDC has come and gone, and we’re hearing and seeing all about iOS 7 left and right. There are those who can’t stop bashing the “unfinished” look of what is essentially an unfinished OS (duh), and there are those who are loving it and the potential it offers.... Read more
Maybe No Redesigned iPhone Expected This Year!
Just over a week ago we discussed the rumours surrounding the iPhone 6 but if you were expecting a redesigned iPhone this year, you may have to wait a little longer. According to The Wall Street Journal, they have been told by people in the know, that the Apple’s... Read more
Soon, You Can Trade-In Your Apple Device In-Store
How often have you found yourself wanting the latest iPhone only to have to wait because it’s “not time” to replace your current device? If you’re one of the lucky ones, you can always afford to ditch your current iPhone for the latest model. There are ways to get... Read more
Biometrics For The New iPhone?
If you’re tired of tapping in a pass-code to protect your iPhone and keep it secure, Brian White, Apple analyst at Topeka Capital, has some news for you! He became the latest member of the Apple Rumour Mill to discuss why fingerprinting Biometric technology may be coming to the iPhone 5S/6... Read more
Evil Phone Charger Will Hack Your iPhone
Who would have thought that something so simple as plugging your phone in to charge, could leave you vunerable to hackers? Well according to researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, that is exactly how your iPhone could be hacked. They claim that they have created an iPhone charger... Read more
Windows Phones Outsell iPhones!
In what universe??? Even if you’ve stuck by Microsoft through all these years, I think that if you are a pragmatic person even in the loosest sense of the word, you would not really think that Windows Phones outsell iPhones. In any universe. Then again, stranger things have happened,... Read more
Apple iPhone 5S December Production Test? [Rumor]
Remember when Apple released one new smartphone each year? Those days may be over. Apple is rumored to be preparing test production for its iPhone 5S, a device some experts believe could launch in early 2013.   Chinese-language publication The Commercial Times was the first to report the rumor. While the... Read more
Does Apple Need The iPhone 6 Sooner Than Expected?
When Apple launched the new iPhone 5 this year, millions of people snatched them up over just one weekend. Already Apple has announced the release of the iPad Mini, which is expected to release sometime in October 2012. Though competitors for Apple offer a broader range of tablets and... Read more
The Most Ridiculous iPhone Cases
A phone worth several hundred dollars deserves the best possible protection you can afford. And, if you’ve queued up for your iPhone for hours just so you could be one of the first to have it, then all the more reason to cough up a little more dough to... Read more
iPhone Remote Check Deposits
Just about everyone with a bank account knows what a hassle paper checks can be. Writing checks is a hassle enough, but cashing them is even worse. According to a recent study, the use of paper checks has already declined by seven percent thanks to electronic payment options. In... Read more
A Quick Guide To Passbook Enabled Apps
What was the first thing you noticed after you upgraded to iOS 6? For me, it was the Passbook icon, which was prominently out of place on the first screen. I am not OC when it comes to my icons – at least not like some people who are... Read more