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Friends is Coming to Netflix
Happy New Year’s Day! I don’t know how big you are into the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but I’ve found one you might be able to keep: watching all 10 seasons of Friends from the comfort of your couch with no commercial breaks. As of January 1st, 2015,... Read more
Virgin Jumps On Board Netflix Band Wagon
Computers quickly became an awesome and beneficial invention and when they entered the workforce, it saved companies loads of time and manpower.  Since this boom in the industry, more and more people are working from home or even out and about, using computers, laptops, phones and tablets to get... Read more
Stream Foreign Content With These 5 Apps
If you are looking for a more cultured approach to your movie or TV viewing then the following apps will help you to stream and watch the best foreign titles out there. Each has enough content to keep even the most media hungry culture vultures happy. Read more
Netflix Begins Testing Privacy Mode
Content streaming service Netflix, are currently testing a private viewing mode, which keeps your viewing content history totally private from anyone else who uses the main profile on the Netflix account. The testing period is expected to continue throughout the next couple of months. The interesting thing about this feature... Read more
Netflix Will Pay You To Stay Home & Watch Netflix
What’s your ideal job? What would you love to do day after day after day? I can think of all kinds of things I’d like to not do all day – and I’m sure you can as well! If you live in the UK, though, Netflix is looking to hire... Read more
What is Net Neutrality?
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is likely regretting its decision to host a 120-day open commenting period on its Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet proposal, after the website crashed due to heavy traffic as people flocked to share their thoughts. Comedian and host of the HBO show,... Read more
Netflix Increases Price For New Members
Well, all things change with time. Unfortunately, “all things” includes the price of Netflix. Having had an unlimited streaming plan for $7.99 a month for as long as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever paid any other amount. And even though it’s not “free”, $7.99 a month... Read more
Netflix Roulette Will Pick What To Watch For You
If your family is anything like mine, sometimes it’s almost impossible to pick something to watch on Netflix. Oh, there are several options which look really good, but narrowing those choices down to something three people can agree on is just short of a miracle. You see, I like... Read more
Hackers Pose As Netflix Tech Support To Steal Data & Indentity
According Malwarebytes, the internet security firm, hackers attempted to pose as Netflix tech support in a bid to steal data and identities. The company, which also develops anti-malware software exposed the phishing scam on an official blog, outlining how Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes was directed to call a number... Read more
Netflix May Soon Cost More For You To Stream
Do you regularly stream Netflix? So do I. Maybe a better question would be, “Who doesn’t regularly stream Netflix?” Honestly, I find it hard to believe that most everyone isn’t already a subscriber. There aren’t too many deals out there for $7.99 per month which allow you to stream... Read more
Meet Oyster: The E-Book Cousin Of Netflix
Netflix has changed the way we watch television. Instead of paying for cable or renting all kinds of movies, we can just sign up for a $7.99 unlimited streaming plan and watch almost anything and everything we’ve ever wanted to watch. I’d even venture a guess that many of... Read more
Are You A Binge TV Watcher? Netflix Thinks So!
Who doesn’t enjoy a good TV show every now and then? And, who doesn’t enjoy watching episode after episode until the season (or series) is finished? Sure, there’s other things we could do, like clean the house, mow the grass, cook dinner – but really, who wants to mess... Read more
LG And Wuaki.TV Team Up
The ability to stream content to your home television is a wondrous thing isn’t it?  With online services such as Netflix and LOVEFiLM paving the way for the masses to consume all the entertainment they will ever need, is there room for other services to get a look in? ... Read more
Hopster: The Netflix For Kids
Netflix has gotten so big that even people from areas where it isn’t available know all about the service. It has even reached the point where new services are being labeled “the Netflix of “. Speaking of which, there’s a new kid on the block, which is being dubbed... Read more
Netflix Relies On Pirates To Determine Show Offerings
Netflix has let the cat out of the bag. The leading streaming service has admitted to keeping tabs on piracy sites in order to determine which shows it should spend its money on – which shows to purchase and make available legally to their customers. You don’t really need... Read more
Meet Oyster: The Netflix For Ebooks
Netflix has undoubtably changed the landscape of TV and movie watching. Established in 1997, the company started out delivering DVDs, and now, as we all know very well, many a TV show/movie buff cannot imagine having a life without streaming media from Netflix. While its services are not available... Read more
Netflix-Backed Video Sharing Bill Passed By Senate
Many users may be shocked to learn that video streaming service Netflix has never shared a users video preferences via their Facebook feeds or Twitter accounts because of a law that was enacted in the 1980’s. That law, known as the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act essentially made it... Read more