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Russian Hackers Hide Malware Links In Britney Spears’ Instagram Page
Links were hidden in comments on the photo-sharing site. As Instagram marches relentlessly forward to achieving 1 billion users later this year, Russian hackers have found to have been using the comments section of Britney Spears’ Instagram account to communicate and co-ordinate malware attacks. Research by Security firm Eset found... Read more
35 Million Android Users Infected With Malware
Number of Judy malware victims hits staggering total.  Google Play customers, beware: more than 30 million Android devices are believed to have been infected with Judy Malware, a seemingly benign virus as far as bad guys go. A new report found that a lone company has 41 apps up on... Read more
Kaspersky Launches Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft To EU
Claim centres on its anti-virus being disabled by Windows 10 upgrade. The Russian security software maker Kaspersky Labs, has filed antitrust complaints against Microsoft with the European Commission, the German federal cartel office, and the Russian anti-monopoly office. Kaspersky claims that Microsoft is exploiting its dominant market share with... Read more
Save 55 Percent On Panda Antivirus And Anti-Ransomware
Protect your computer for less with this great security software deal. WannaCry was just the latest in a spate of high-profile cyber-attacks that are growing in size, damage and frequency. So it’s no surprise that keeping your PC safe from hacking and infection is an increasing concern for everyone. Luckily, the... Read more
Panic Software Founder Victim Of A Malware Attack
Steven Frank compromised through infected version of Handbrake app. Mildly misleading headlines aside, this isn’t about pointing fingers at people who should know better. In fact, it’s the opposite: if someone with this level of technological and computing know-how can become a victim of a malware attack, then anybody... Read more
Microsoft Fix ‘Crazy Bad Bug’ In Windows Malware Scanner
Windows Bug Found By Project Zero Researchers A zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Windows malware scanners, such as Defender, could have allowed hackers to take control of Windows computers with a single email… that users might not even have read. The vulnerability was quickly named as possibly the worst Windows remote... Read more
Avast Launch 2017 Software Line-Up
Publisher unveils four security and anti-virus titles. Security and anti-virus publisher Avast, has revealed its latest programs in the on-going war against the internet’s bad guys. Its line-up for 2017 includes: Avast Free Antivirus; Avast Pro Antivirus; Avast Internet Security; and Avast Premier. The lowdown Avast Free Antivirus Lightweight, state-of-the-art... Read more
Antivirus Software Exposing Your Tech…And Your Kids?
It’s been drilled into consumers’ heads that they need antivirus software, but is it doing more harm than good? It’s frustrating enough for any IT pro or tech support guru to find out that consumers aren’t safeguarding their computers with strong antimalware protection, but a new study from Concordia... Read more
Host Of New Antivirus Updates Available On FileHippo
With all the news of recent hackings, data breaches, and other identity losses, one of the biggest threats to consumers is through phishing emails. After garnering millions of email addresses, scammers can flood your inbox with email offers that contain links to viruses, malware, and other malicious software. It’s... Read more
Comodo Internet Security Update, New Auto-Sandboxing Policy
Comodo Internet Security released a new update this week (v. that improved it’s already powerful suite of tools that aim to keep your PC safe in the face of even the nastiest malware. Dedicated Comodo users already know that the suite comes with URL filtering that blocks malicious sites,... Read more
Emsisoft Announces Release of Anti-Malware 10 and Internet Security 10
Emsisoft has announced the release of Emsisoft Internet Security 10 and Emsisoft Anti-Malware 10. The biggest news of the announcement claims a dramatic cut in scan times with a typical Malware Scan (previously known as as a Smart Scan) dropping from a time consuming 13 minutes to complete the... Read more
Avast Software Issues Update For Its Free Antivirus Tool
You know you’re supposed to have an up-to-date, powerful antivirus software installed on your computer. So why don’t you? Is it those pesky little pop up boxes that tell you your computer isn’t protected? The constant reminders to update or upgrade? Is it the thought that because you don’t... Read more
32% of PCs Infected with Malware
Protect yourself, why? We are always told to protect ourselves against viruses and rogue programs and be careful what emails we open, etc, etc, etc, but it begs the question, why? What harm can it do? We should all be aware of and know how to protect ourselves from... Read more
2012’s Worst Computer Viruses and Malware
2012 was the year of the computer virus thanks to cyber warfare being encountered at the international level and hacktivists groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous attacking websites on a daily basis. With computer viruses and malware on the rise we take a look at three of 2012’s worst... Read more